Apprehensions Regarding Bharat.

Hey y’all!
About 2 months ago I mentioned in one of my posts that I was going to talk about my apprehensions on moving to India. So, here it goes.

1. Nostalgia.
I don’t think there’s a way to avoid this. Every minute I breathe, eat, or talk there’s going to be an inevitable wave of nostalgia making me homesick. Though I’m sure I’ll get over it with time.

2. Time.
Okay, I swear to God time flies in India! Days seem longer than nights which is really upsetting to my routine since Saudi Arabia is all about night life. It’s always a major problem during Ramadan when I’ve to fast, time never passes quickly.

3. Papa Johns.

4. Traffic.
Drivers rarely honk here unless of course we’re stuck in traffic. I go deaf when I’m travelling by road in the city in India.

5. Al-Baik.
This is a fast food chain found only in Madinah, Makkah & Jeddah (if I’m not mistaken) that most of us have been eating since childhood. No fast food outlet can replace Al-Baik. Ever.

6. Cotton Candy.
Okay so this is prolly just a figment of my imagination. Cotton candy is my favorite ice cream flavor at Baskin Robbins. The last time I tried it in India it wasn’t as sweet as it is here. I really hope it was my taste buds lol.

7. Competition.
So, growing up away from the country & studying in an Indian school we’ve been told by our teachers that students in India are way more competitive than us. We’re literally made to feel like losers.

8. Ice-rink.
Does anyone of you know of an ice-rink in India? Particularly in the North. Do let me know. Because I really haven’t seen/heard about one there.

Well, half of the points I mentioned above are irrelevant. All I can say is I’m looking forward to this drastic change even if it means that I’ll have to adapt to a new lifestyle.

And I didn’t feel the need to mention my love for the two Holy places that I’m going to regret leaving forever.

Thanks for reading!


      1. Oh that’s great. I live in Gurgaon. Which college did you get into? Jaipur is my birth place. 😊
        And also, there is an ice skating rink here in Gurgaon in one of the malls. I’m sure living in Delhi, you’d explore it all around.

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      2. YassπŸ™ Thanks for letting me know about the ice-rink, I’ll forever be grateful to you! 😌 Cool, are you from Jaipur then? I didn’t get into any yet, have to write entrance exams for the 2019 session. Yes, I’ve quite a lot of places to explore 😊


      3. 2019 session? You must be dropping the year I guess. I’m not exactly from Jaipur; all my relatives stay there, we visit them about once or twice in an year. Good luck for the entrances, I remember how difficult this time is.

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      4. Haha I wouldn’t say confused. If you are applying for the entrances at DU, then dropping would be a wise decision, their tests are tough. All the best!πŸ‘

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      5. Yeah, I’m sure they’re tough. But I want to go for BA honours which means that I’ll have to change streams & afaik they cut 10 marks for the same at DU. So, I guess I’ll be applying elsewhere (: (Though I’ve 2 colleges in mind rn)


      6. Great idea! I know DU is sort of over hyped and hard to get and unworthy if you don’t get the best colleges. In fact, even I’m not in DU. I hope you get the college you chose 😊

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  1. As an Indian I find this really interesting.I’ve never moved out like that, so I really don’t relate with the nostalgia.This really makes me want to move out and experience cool things like this!Love this post!

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    1. Yeah well, it really is one heck of an experience! All these years I’ve learnt that we never truly belong to one place. We don’t belong anywhere at all. Life is all about experiences & moments, everything else subsides eventually.

      Thanks for reading!

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  2. I live in delhi and studied there only, it’s not like that, you will certainly have your apprehensions removed,but traffic and honking is certainly an issue.

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    1. Yeah, I’ve been there too for quite a few months so it’s safe to say that I’m familiar with the place. Ah well, I’ll just have to get used to honking then.

      Small sacrifices lead to greater opportunitiesπŸ˜‹


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