Image Source I was a heavy sigh, A comma between an inundated silence & the weeping feet; I tried to warn the silk shadows of patience into a lie But mellow sunshines rise to derail my poems. Judgement Day is walking, With a head in a creeper, out-growing the dogs barking in my head (orContinue reading “After-sighs”


Traditions suffocate,When I grow old I will bury my family treeIn a land so deep that it never out-grows another Dreamer,That it never stirs another riot inside a heartSometimes you understand too much,The flower of which blooms into expectations-Tonight I’ll celebrate my DreamsAnd bathe in the blood rushing through my temples;I’ll mouth the words thatContinue reading “Suffocate”

Pain (#15)

Before I lose any more time Here is a sight that would not lose you amidst a crowded loneliness Because it sees you, beyond the clouds covering your haunted visage It’s the beating of a heart going berserk Each minute is a dreadful wailing of an infant dragging its frail body as fast as itContinue reading “Pain (#15)”

Lovers (#12)

We share the sins that bind us. The tip of my tongue is the sun melting in your eyes. You see it clearly, you let it burn your throat while coughing lava on the plain white walls.

The Gardner

The Gardner – that made me, you and the bellowing universe amidst a poetry of Creation, a scream of magnificence.

Epidermis (#5)

But I’m deranged in places that don’t exist loud enough.