Water (6)

I sought to hold you
Tight & never let go.
But you were never
Ordinary, that much
I knew. Like water,
You cut through the
Cracks and crevices
Of my soul, filling
Them with promises
Of hope. Just when
I thought my search
For the one was over,
Like water you slipped
Right through my
Fingers and I knew
Then, it was time
To let you go.



The Hopeless Regime

I hate when they say
There’s always hope
Even when your life
Has become an endless
Tunnel with only darkness
To greet you on the other end

I hate when they say
There’s always hope
When the one you love
Looks for stars in
Someone else’s eyes

I hate when they say
There’s always hope
Every time I inch closer
To finding light, only
To lose it at my

I hate when they say
There’s always hope,
When in truth
There never was any.


Teasing (5)

I saw love leave your
Veins bit by bit. Will
You ever quit feeding
Me lies? I wonder as
All the stars begin to
Disappear from your
Eyes. I don’t know
When this happened
Though here’s a peace
Offering; take my heart,
Twist it all you want
But spare me the joke.
I’m tried of you teasing
Me with loving caresses
That fade away when
His embrace satiates
You like mine never did.


Running (4)

Carry me, feet
Far, far away
As fast as you can.

I’m just running
With a broken
Compass that
Points in all

And if I stop,
I’m afraid I’ll
Stay where I
Have been all
My life.

All my life, I’ve been running. Be it myself or who I want to be – I’ve always been run from both. Things have come to a point where I no longer know how to stop.

So, carry me feet, carry me where I’m not supposed to be. Who knows, what strange terrain and unknown faces will soon merge into familiar ones only to resume my run.


4 Letters.

Home. Hell.

What marks the difference between these two 4 letter words? I honestly don’t know.

I’ve been feeling both these emotions, if it’s even possible to feel home & hell, nearly all my life.

Was it because my bones and flesh had been accustomed to those purple walls?

Or was it the boiling blood on the thought of remaining in the same place, same country, with same people for all my life?

In all honesty, I’ve no answer to either of these questions.

Sometimes, it was a dry patch of land outside my home, the stray animals walking fearlessly on roads, all my kins rushing to greet me and the loneliness I often liked to dwell in back in the country where cloudless skies and raining heat, both meant home and felt like hell.

Two continents : One home. How do you chose?

Or maybe you don’t. Maybe your heart is supposed to be in pieces that stay behind every time you’re on the move until there’s nothing left; no home, no hell.

Laughter (3)

You’re an addiction,
A ray of hope amidst
A thick mist of smoke.

You’re a part of me,
The part that will
Always carry pieces
Of my morose heart.

You’re my sustenance,
The reason my laughter
Reverberates inside
Empty hallways and cold
Rooms despite your
Lingering absence.

You’re the reason
I’m learning to live
Without you.


Sunlight (2)

Basking in sunlight,
The winds and the
Sand chase each
Other round and
Round giving way
To callow sandstorms.
The moment their
Collision explodes
With passion, cars
Lose paths and the
Earth succumbs to
Distortion. Love of
This kind always
Takes you down,
But never dies
Away for there’s
A mirage across
Space and heat
Where it will stay
Showing travellers
An amalgamation
Of illusion and