He had entered lost territory, a place where no man has dared to venture. The place was in shambles with walls smouldering into blackness where memories bled at night as she closed her eyes. The grey atmosphere filled his lungs with despair and a longing for the warmth of sunshine. Instead of a garden of roses he found himself in a forest of thorns slowly consuming his conscience. Bit by bit he let her overpower him until his breath got icy and the cold in her soul latched itself to his heart.

The ground under his feet crumbled as she devoured him head to toe. As their souls became one, the castle fell into ruins.

The history was lost between pages of a book never written. Their bodies lay beneath ancient bricks with poetry carved deep within their souls, leaving flesh meaningless.


The tide

I stood by the shore gazing at a tide from afar. It took ravenous strides in my direction trying to get past the ocean of perseverance and will. With one mighty roar it rose high up, almost tearing apart the sky with its magnificence. But with an insufficient dose of will it lost the fight. It was soft & faint, as it touched my feet. The shore could have been its domain but not all dreams come true.
Smiling at my thoughts, I knelt down to put my name in the sand. As my fingers traced each letter with precise movements, an uncanny sound caught my attention. The wave rose yet again, all the more mighty this time. I saw it tear the sky apart with one single blow. I retreated my steps as it advanced towards me. The ocean was no longer its enemy. It swept past the shore as swiftly as a predator grasping the prey in one go. My gaze fell upon the spot that beheld my name just a moment ago; now washed away with conquering tides.

I was no longer captivated amongst shackles of failure. My past along with my name had vanished within waters of time. I was free now, to dive & conquer.

The forgotten muse

You said that we were like piano keys, indispensable to each other. There was no doubt that without you I could never be complete. But the melodies we were after could never dance along the same tunes. The music that kept us sane was slowly fading with the mist of growing distance between us. In the end the keys fell apart, devoid of any color. I destroyed the piano because I no longer knew how to play along your song. I dragged my feet towards strange new instruments but none could really strike a chord inside my heart the way you used to. You found a muse amidst the clouds while I was left behind with a heart slowly drowning in deafening silence.

You’re not an average peach

It’s a good thing that I came across this quote today which compelled me to paint a peach in my art journal. This post is dedicated to all those people with big hearts and compassion beyond words.

Softness is a skill incomprehensible to many. Those who are ignorant of it consider it weak. I’m not soft in any way but I understand the struggle one has to face. It’s a blessing if right people cross your path. In a world such as ours softness is an ultimate lethal weapon to rise above every negativity. Many times consequences become an obstacle in our way. But remember that they don’t define your destiny in any way, they’re just a part of your life. Don’t kill your softness just to catch up with the world. There’s enough cold in the world already, what we need is the sun to shine as bright as possible.


Not every stranger would bother to spare even a moment of his life just to help a person he barely knows let alone understands. I know I wouldn’t do it.

We stay away from complexities as much as possible because in the end we only want to simplify things.

Little do we know that lending a patient ear can help someone recover, if not instantly but gradually, yes.

Consider this an appreciation for your gratitude, Srijan.

Memories – Lang Leav : Review.

Lang Leav is an internationally bestselling author and social media sensation. She is the winner of a Qantas Spirit of Youth Award and coveted Churchill Fellowship. Her books continue to top bestseller charts in bookstores worldwide, and her collection Lullabies was the 2014 winner of the Goodreads Choice award for poetry“.

From eye-catching illustrations to extremely soulful collection of poems & prose; this book is bound to make you feel more than just nostalgic.

The beauty in simplicity with which Lang Leav communicates with her readers is commendable.

The central theme revolves around love, loss & heartbreak. It evokes forgotten feelings and thus the title ‘Memories’ is more than justified.

Now, coming down to cons, I’d say every book has some. Speaking from my personal viewpoint I must admit that for a person who is not into romantic writing (books or poetry) it can get a bit mundane. But yes the first time I picked up this book I read each & every word in it. The second time few poems began to seem repetitive. Nevertheless her ability to put down words with such simplicity & deep meaning must not be undermined.

For a person reading her collection for the first time, I’d say it’s a bliss. This was my case as well. But while skimming through reviews on Goodreads I found many readers complain that some of her poems & prose have been taken from her previous two books- Lullabies and Love & Misadventure. This aspect made the book quite repetitive & mundane for people who have read her previous books. Yet I didn’t feel so.

Would I recommend people to buy it?

Yes, in a way I would even if you’ve read her previous works. Though the experience would be less enjoyable if you’ve to read the same thing over and over again. If this is her first collection that you’re going to read and romantic poetry happens to be your cup of tea then go ahead without second thought.

Would I buy her next collection?

The one that recently came out is ‘Sea of Strangers’. I was excited about it but I think for now I’d prefer delving into other genres. I’ve had enough of love poetry. I might end up picking up something by Edgar Allan Poe. Hence, I wouldn’t buy it for above reasons. But I’m sure it’s as enthralling as her previous work.

Here’s a link to reviews on Goodreads : Memories

Click here to visit her website.

Before signing out I’ve decided to share some of her amazing poetry/prose collection :

These are just a few of my personal favourites. There’s a myriad of her work that will keep you hooked for quite some time.

An introduction to colourism in my life.

Back when I was in middle school skin color had very little to do with my life. Since we were all kids our understanding was very much limited to what our parents taught us or what we observed around us.

There was one incident that I still remember. It was how colourism unveiled itself in my realm.

I had a pouch with cartoon characters on it. For those of you who don’t know about this cartoon called ‘Bratz’, here’s a photo:

The names of the characters were Sasha, Yasmin, Jade and Chloe (left to right).

So me and three other friends would count till ten and each of us would pick one of the girls.

Well, I had never watched the cartoon before so the only place where I had seen these characters was on my pink pouch.

The odd thing was that no one ever picked Sasha. Ever. Only I did because on my pouch she had red hair. At that time I was quite fascinated by her red hair so her complexion was the last thing on my mind.

Now, I studied in a private school in Saudi Arabia where there were people from different countries. The four of us who played the game were Indian and one was from Pakistan. I’m mentioning the background here so as to imply the fact that Desi people do have a certain obsession with having a lighter skin tone.

One day my friend laughed at me for choosing Sasha every time. I was confused, I asked her what was so funny. She told me that she was black and ugly. I was upset because she called my choice black and ugly.

Growing in a society that favors lighter skin color above everything else can be ugly. Once my friend told me that my name does not suit me. There was another girl in my class called ‘Hira’ & her name means diamond. My friend said that that should be my name. I didn’t say anything when she told me that but I found it strange because what did my color have to do with my name.

Later on when I was 15 I talked to my childhood friend who would always chose Chloe over Sasha because she was dark. We had a long talk about it. She’s from Andhra Pradesh, India. She told me that her mother always favored lighter skin even though her daughter’s were brown. Make-up for them was just talcum powder smudged all over their face to make the complexion light. But later on she came to realise that it was stupid to be obsessed with color. She was happy in her skin which is great.

People eventually do learn to be happy In their own skin. In the end that’s the right thing. Never shut the doors of self-acceptance upon your face because of the hue you were born with.

People always thought that I’m haughty headed and proud just because I didn’t talk much. Some of them even assumed that it had something to do with my skin color. Later on when they got to know me they were taken aback. To be honest there has not been a single person who has not told me that they had preconceived notions about my nature. I used to be shy as a kid to initiate a conversation with people so they mistook it for pride.

I like how people have always been honest with me. Some even told me that they thought I’d only be friends with fair people. I have never in my whole life judged people based on their color. Ever. And that’s what I’m proud of, not my color.

I agree that people with dark complexion can have insecurities because of their upbringing in an Indian society but please don’t make that your limitation. I’ve seen people consider themselves inferior because of their skin color. There was a girl in my school who had some sort of fair skin treatment and she returned from India with a whole lot of pimples on her face. What’s even more worse is that some indian teachers even favor students with a lighter skin tone, as my friend once told me.

Life doesn’t only happen to people with fair skin and skinny bodies. It doesn’t discriminate like humans do.

Sasha will always be my favorite and I don’t have to change my choice because others laugh at me. In the same way you don’t have to be uncomfortable in your skin because others make you feel so.

The bliss behind loneliness

For the most part, the walls didn’t close in on me. But the dancing shadows on the ceiling did become my only pals. At times my breath wasn’t enough to keep me alive. My mind almost gave up yet this blood pumping device inside my body helped me through. A soft tap, tap, tap like knock on my chest always questioned my failures. Though it would falter in ways like skipping a beat or being so faint I could barely feel it, my heart kept me alive. It fed my loneliness with soft knocks at the doorstep of my conscience. The only bliss behind loneliness was finding my heart and with it my dreams & thoughts.

A Mistake

It was like lighting the wrong end of the ciggerate and putting it in my mouth. A tinge of the lit end on the tip of my tongue left your burnt & grey flavor to cherish forever.
It was like swimming in an ocean when I barely knew how to balance myself in water. You thrust me high across the clouds until the weight became too much for both of us. We saw the shore but couldn’t unravel the path to it. Our feet were too heavy to drag out of an ocean where we lost our balance forever.
It was like jumping in a pool of fire. The flames in your soul turned out to be my Achilles heel. All that is left of us are these ashes scattered all over the place. Maybe one day these ashes will birth a Phoenix to put an end to the hell we burn in constantly.


The soul inside you.

The soul has no color, race or class. It’s an element that fits wherever there is enough space to live. What happens when soul meets flesh?
Color, race, gender, community to name just a few. From being an element so unique to being put under countless labels, how do you think your soul feels? Or should I say, how do you feel?

You’re not your flesh or mind. Yes, your thoughts define your existence but it can’t outweigh the fact that you’re an element. The flesh that makes you feel inferior or superior because of its color is temporary. The flesh that helps you earn that green paper which carries great significance can easily tear your values apart but a good soul can help you cultivate them. The flesh that fills you with pride because it has been born under the veils of a religion that defines your self-importance and ignorance towards those born to other religions will only lead you through a path of fire into a pit of unending shallowness while a good soul can fill you with satisfaction to the brim. The flesh that has been born within a caste of the powerful will not be of aid when you’re buried six feet under the ground.

Remember, before you judge, begin to develop a sense of pride and cast out others who you believe are unimportant, you’re just an element like they are.

Yes, you’ve something in you that others don’t. But it’s not color, caste, religion, class or country. Your body simply decays into the bleak realm of the grave. How do you seek to fill the space that is your ultimate abode?