Bittersweet Blues.

I’m the daughter of the
Defying crimson tides
Outgrowing death every second
I breathe,
I’ve seen a measure of
But I dare not claim my share of
Because I’ve found it in my
Present state
No matter how incoherent it
May seem.

Take away your jokes
Your light amongst darkness
Or whatever the current labels
Luck is trapped behind,
For I am the sky
And I change my hues
With all the bittersweet blues.

(I live with pain by my side)



Morning Dew Drops

I’m the dew drops
Settled upon a throne of
Drinking an illusion
To conceal my world
And somehow,
You believe me,
You always do.

Dejected & sour
I’m confused why I am
Heartbroken when you see
What I show you
And ignore all that I
Behind a fortified castle of

Am I too plain,
Am I too opaque?
I wonder what you’d do
If I were transparent and
Would you weep like I do
With the faint moonlight,
Would you break like I do
Every single night?

But you don’t see beyond
This realm
Because I’m the dew drops,
Pristine & pure
Just like you want me to be,
Every morning I feed you
And you believe me

What you’ll never know
Are sleepless cold nights
And the hopeless twinkling of
The pointless appearance of
The moon
Unusual pangs of guilt,
The moment I’m high on
And drunk upon sins.


We all fear beauty – don’t we?

I’m the shadow
Melting under your weight
I’m the sorrow
Caged behind your hopes
I’m the beginning
To the end you fear

It’s that time of the year
When beauty blossoms
And dreams are woven
On all intricate branches

Like a sheet of white
Layer upon layer
Winter spreads itself
Making way for autumnal

Here I am now,
Shivering like a coward
Beneath ice cold insecurities
And tomorrow, I’ll trample
Upon dead leaves with joy,
As autumn kills all that lives

Death is the beauty
Melting beneath the weight
Of the air we inhale & exhale,
Because no matter how cold
Life will always mean hope,
More time & maybe just
A little bit of joy.

(Death won’t be bits & pieces, it’ll be endless)



Hey everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures & quotes (not mine). My aunt is quite fond of gardening so I thought I’d share her hard work with y’all. (:

Home (II).

Home is where the heart is,
But I guess mine was never
In its right place. For me,
Home was these grey walls
That close in on me every
Time I think of an escape.

My home & heart
Are worlds apart.


Stuck ~ & done.

My teeth ache
From all the pain,
All the strength
I’ve been directing to
Hide my tears

They were relentless tonight
Like every other night
And the barks of trees
I loathe to the core
Stood mocking me
As I let the the nightly
Pluck my leaves
But by bit
Until there was nothing
But a vacuum of guilt,
Of an ominous stupor
Making me dream of
Black butterflies in a
Wave of fire,
Tell me how do I escape
The land of my desire?
The life of my design?
The world inside my mind?