The Dark Side

I succumb to the walls,
Retiring all my beliefs.
My fears standing tall,
Dance upon my relief.

The ceiling is tainted,
As shadows pirouette.
Their tunes are painted,
Along hues of contempt.

This conjunction joining,
Two different parts of me.
Is a neat & willful catering,
To a darker side you never see.



  1. This is poignant in another dimension. You truly are a weaver of words. MashaAllah.
    And see the coincidence I have written a poem, a very old poem with the same tittle, the dark side. Would you mind if I link it up here?

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      1. Thank you very much for your compliments, I appreciate that. I like the emotion you put into your writing, it makes it enjoyable to read.


  2. Loved the two faces of this poem, the symbolism of the inner you from dawn to dusk. I love how each line compliments each other relating to the darker color fading. You wrote this very well and made it somewhat mysterious. Wonderful.

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  3. Thank you so, very much!

    Your feedback is always so introspective & meaningful.

    I’m very sorry for the late response, your comment somehow ended up as spam!


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