A Conversation

It had a slow beginning,
Struggling for time to pass.
But the clock began ticking,
And silence couldn’t last.

Your hobbies and your job,
Found a mention after long.
For once, don’t be a snob,
It’s alright if you’re wrong.

Curious eyes open wide,
As you narrate some tale.
It was an impressive ride,
Down your memory lane.

Your mind can sense interest,
Directed through gestures.
Emotions once suppressed,
Now find an outlet to rupture.

From witty one-liners,
To the past so dream-like.
All conversation lingers,
To help soothe the mind.


Converations can also, besides research, studies, writing etcetera be a profound source of wisdom & knowledge.

Engaging in the exercise of the mouth, as I like to call it will refresh your mind & thought process.


  1. Sounds like another session in the therapy chair for some, and another day on the park bench for others. They can come from anywhere and they can get rather interesting because they can go anywhere.

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