A year without social media

It’s nearly impossible for many of us to put on hold our lives on social media & focus on ‘real life’.
While I’ve seen people balance both equally but one day or the other, our life on social media slowly begins to take control of how we deal with day to day situations.

Do you find yourself taking pictures of food before eating it? How often do you end up taking shit load of selfies rather than enjoying yourself? Don’t you see your classmates uploading photos of their notes only before an exam?

I once remember going through my Instagram feed a day before exams. I think we had the Social exam next day but a girl posted a picture of her studying from her Science textbook. Her friends trolled her in the comment section. But who knows, she might have finished studying for tomorrow’s exam & began preparing for the next one.

I’ve been annoyed more than once when I go out with my friends & I can’t even take a bite of the food because they need to take a picture of it. I take pictures of food myself only when I’m not extremely hungry but it almost never happens! (I’m not a foodie but when I go to my favorite outlets all I can think of gulping down the chicken, pizza, whatever is In front of me).

Taking pictures has become a mandatory part of maintaining life on social media. It’s not a bad thing since pictures tell a story of their own. You can post about your whereabouts as well but it becomes tedious for your audience if that’s all you ever do.

Life without social media has taught me what really matters in life. It’s not recognition or success but how you prioritize tasks & work towards achieving them. The former will follow if you’ve put all your dedication, hard work & smart work.

I know sometimes it’s impossible to not check those notifications for even a day or let alone a minute. But please do give time to real life. It can do wonders, believe me. There’s a life beyond the mobile phone screen which you’re missing out on.


    1. I think you should go for it if you really want to. Like I said, there are people who can balance both their lives; on social media & the real one. After all it’s our only way to communicate with family & friends. It’s up to you to decide, you know what’s better for you (:

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  1. Something that is to be said loud and clear. Thanks for taking up this issue.
    People have lost the art of enjoying in the moment. I think they feel nostalgic in the present. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  2. Really important post. I’ve gone without social media for over a year, but then I return.. For me living far away from family it’s a way to connect but then I get sucked in to all the other parts of it. I’m thinking of leaving social media again and your post reminded me why it’s so important to detox from time to time πŸ™‚

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    1. I’m glad you could relate! A year away from social media has provided me with a fresh perspective. I was able to start afresh & really get a heads up towards realising what my priorities should be. Yes, it’s a means to stay connected with family which is one of its perks. But it has setbacks as well.


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