The tide

I stood by the shore gazing at a tide from afar. It took ravenous strides in my direction trying to get past the ocean of perseverance and will. With one mighty roar it rose high up, almost tearing apart the sky with its magnificence. But with an insufficient dose of will it lost the fight. It was soft & faint, as it touched my feet. The shore could have been its domain but not all dreams come true.
Smiling at my thoughts, I knelt down to put my name in the sand. As my fingers traced each letter with precise movements, an uncanny sound caught my attention. The wave rose yet again, all the more mighty this time. I saw it tear the sky apart with one single blow. I retreated my steps as it advanced towards me. The ocean was no longer its enemy. It swept past the shore as swiftly as a predator grasping the prey in one go. My gaze fell upon the spot that beheld my name just a moment ago; now washed away with conquering tides.

I was no longer captivated amongst shackles of failure. My past along with my name had vanished within waters of time. I was free now, to dive & conquer.


The forgotten muse

You said that we were like piano keys, indispensable to each other. There was no doubt that without you I could never be complete. But the melodies we were after could never dance along the same tunes. The music that kept us sane was slowly fading with the mist of growing distance between us. In the end the keys fell apart, devoid of any color. I destroyed the piano because I no longer knew how to play along your song. I dragged my feet towards strange new instruments but none could really strike a chord inside my heart the way you used to. You found a muse amidst the clouds while I was left behind with a heart slowly drowning in deafening silence.

Little Things

A promotion this week,

At a job you excel.

The success you seek,

Lies on your doorstep.

A dinner at an outlet,

With people you call family.

Tonight you welcome all expenses,

For money is the remedy.

She stares at the roof,

Waiting for daddy to be home.

But the brother calls her a fool,

Telling her to loose hope.

A little drawing is clipped,

With a magnet on the refrigerator.

But daddy remains hooked,

On his morning newspaper.

The little girl in the drawing,

Holds her daddy’s hand.

They both are laughing,

As they take a stroll in wonderland.

With money on his mind,

He leaves for work everyday.

Little things remain undermined,

Killing families day by day.