The pride of universal donors.

“You know, you’re a universal donor” back then I had little to no knowledge of what it meant but I’d brag around my friends & tell them how special my blood was. One fine day in grade 10 we had a chapter in Biology that included a small portion about blood types. It sparked enoughContinue reading “The pride of universal donors.”


Don’t get too close

Don’t get too close, You’ll either end up broken or break a soul. The greatest point of vulnerability for me has always been getting people to know too much about me. I’ve always been happy knowing less and understanding more about them. I want them to be the same way with me. But things don’tContinue reading “Don’t get too close”


See the light, They say. It’s within, Learn to embrace. I did, I failed. In between, Is where I rest. There’s no light, There’s no dark. All that there’s in sight, Is a grey mark. I’m happy, Not sane. I’m lonely, Not depressed. I’m me, In a strangers body. I can love, As I dieContinue reading “Grey”

#2 The story of a thorn

Every thorn has a story, That no one wants to hear. But he was more than eager, To get even a glimpse of it. He was willing to prick, His finger over and over again. He would bleed for her, Till death came by her hands. She was by no means, Moved initially. But hisContinue reading “#2 The story of a thorn”

#1 The making of a thorn

She was fragile enough, To let her petals bleed. A mindless little rose, In a desert of thirsty travellers. They stripped her of her color, Shattered her roots to the core. Myriad of travellers came by, But none stayed by her side. Her tenderness dissolved in thin air, As her leaves began falling. In placeContinue reading “#1 The making of a thorn”


If feelings did not exist, Would hearts have any meaning? If there wasn’t pain to resist, Would our hearts still be beating? If nothing ever changed, Would life make much sense? If souls never had an end, Would we ever repent? If bodies never died, Would we live forever? If mere existence thrived, Would anyoneContinue reading “Life”


As my secrets grew, They weighed me down. There were not even few, Who saw me drown. My only outlet came, Through a paper and pen. Till poems became, The secrets I tell. Veiled with metaphors, I can cry my heart out. The feelings I had in store, Now have a voice so loud. –Nameera.

Just Another Normal Day

Is your mind as dark as mine? The mere sight of her was enough to strike an insane chord inside of me. I could figure out 101 ways to kill her for hours on end. I pull her by her hair, dragging her across the floor. The smell of the blood dripping from her noseContinue reading “Just Another Normal Day”

If Tears Could Think

She had been trying to hide me all day long. Her eyes are fixed on the ceiling. To an outsider it may seem as though she’s listlessly staring at the wall but I know what she’s really looking at. All the memories are played by her mind and she relives it all; the joy andContinue reading “If Tears Could Think”


If you had wings, Would you let them destroy you? Or would you rather fly, Exploring skies unknown? Don’t give up hope just because you don’t have wings. You don’t need them to fly. All you need is a heart brave enough to endure your differences and make them your strength.