She’s the desert he left, For greener pastures. Losely tied weft threads, Dismantled their stature. Winsome eyes once bore, A dream now distorted. They saw a family of four, But her fertility retorted. Society labelled her ‘barren’, Restricting her existence. With falling tears she is laden, Asking God for repentance. Her shreiks reverberate, As SheContinue reading “Barren”


Awsome Blogger Award!

Isn’t it amazing when one of the most awesome, unique & original blogger nominates you for an award like this? It sure makes me more than happy to have been nominated by none other than A.J from Tokens of Expression! This award was created by Maggie (Dreaming of Guatemala). This is an award for theContinue reading “Awsome Blogger Award!”


All the colors she’s living, Black, tangerine & pink. Is his majestic giving, For as long as he lives. Once death meets man, She’s stripped of her hues. Bangles taken off her hand, She sings the lonely muse. Pushing her into the fire, They send her away to him. Colorful bangles she admired, Now pierceContinue reading “Colors”


They vanish without a trail, Leaving me weak in the knees. When my memories go stale, Stench of my efforts define me. My soul begins to whimper, As I try to suppress my cries. Abysmal thoughts whisper, Words that were never mine. Skies have fallen tonight, Unleashing a storm so wild. My racing heart canContinue reading “Expectations”


You don’t always see it, Sometimes it burns within. We often carry it inside, Rather than letting it subside. Did you ever in your life, See it spare anyone alive? Half dead, half flesh, It creates more than just a mess. But you still you set ablaze, Your soul to grow in haste. Let itContinue reading “Fire”


I don’t want to look back, Yet I can’t help but ponder. The memories safely stacked, Now come alive, as I loiter. The first ever poem I wrote, Was a sincere ode to you. I had hoped beyond hope, Alas, I was merely a fool. The true meaning of trust, Was a lesson you taughtContinue reading “Betrayal”

A Joke

When did jokes become, An inherent hub of racism? Why do inane gender roles, Have to play a part in jokes? About equality you preach, Yet your joy lies in racist memes. His eyes are so narrow, you see, He surely has to be Chinese. An accent so very deep, Must be an Indian, IContinue reading “A Joke”


Keep smiling Keep smiling Keep smiling My head is exploding, With thoughts in my mind. Yet I’m religiously nodding, As they ask if I’m alright. Keep smiling Keep smiling Keep smiling I take my life, In my head. I’m doing fine, I assure them. Keep smiling Keep smiling Keep smiling The walls suffocate me, AsContinue reading “Smile”

Gasoline Addiction.

There are so many things to be addicted to- drugs, alcohol, cigarettes & people. But guess what my addiction is? Gasoline. I find myself sniffing the smell at a gas station every time we stop there. There’s something about the smell that makes me happy to an extent that I don’t even want to leave.Continue reading “Gasoline Addiction.”


No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent. -John Donne. Not every man is an island, Some befriend their isolation. Society on the one hand, And conscience on the other. Not every man is an island, Choices have to be made. That day these green lands, YouContinue reading “Island”