Epidermis (#5)

But I’m deranged in places that don’t exist loud enough.

A Heavy Summer (#3)

I think of all the pages dying every night in the grave of your spit.

In the Shadows of a page

A poster and a thought.

Night Creatures

All the night Creatures crawled up to my desk ~ & I wondered… What Creature am I in their language? The one with the touch of Death or the God with untimely sunlight ~ as bright as a snowfall in the raging summers? They keep coming back, I don’t think they’ve a name for me.Continue reading “Night Creatures”


Will You Write Yourself?

An excerpt from a poem, a question to myself and fellow writers; Will you write yourself?

6 Arabic Proverbs To Live By

Bidding farewell to this blessed month of Ramadan is never easy. Yet, the time has come to move forward & hopefully practice good deeds for the rest of the year, not just wait for this blissful month to give time to Islam. Here are some Arabic proverbs that are, in a way pieces of advice,Continue reading “6 Arabic Proverbs To Live By”


You seek it in people, You look for it in skies. Your wait for a saviour, Has no end in sight. Wasn’t it people who took your peace away? Wasn’t it nature that covered an ugly realm with beauty? You look for consolation, pieces of advice & gratitude in others only because they’ve lived longerContinue reading “Help”

An Addition to my Art Supplies

Here it’s, finally completed! This artwork, as is evident, is inspired by Rajasthan. The photograph also features my really old Rajasthani jewellery I used to wear as a child in fancy dress competitions & stage plays. So, this is a post specifically about my true love, painting! I recently bought ‘Winsor & Newton’ water colorContinue reading “An Addition to my Art Supplies”

Things We Underestimate

1. Respect. Anyone can earn money but try earning some respect along side a prosperous bank account. 2. Compassion. You can be strong, resilient & confident but having a little bit of compassion will do no harm. 3. Tears. Let them fall. Holding them back will only make you weak. 4. Wisdom. It’s not onlyContinue reading “Things We Underestimate”

An Exploration

What’s art? Is it colors that are splashed on a canvas, poems brimming with metaphors or a heart-warming prose? For me art is an exploration. Over the years it has helped me on a personal & mental level. It has carried my emotions in ways no human could have. I’ve been able to explore myContinue reading “An Exploration”