Just Another Normal Day

Is your mind as dark as mine? The mere sight of her was enough to strike an insane chord inside of me. I could figure out 101 ways to kill her for hours on end. I pull her by her hair, dragging her across the floor. The smell of the blood dripping from her noseContinue reading “Just Another Normal Day”


If Tears Could Think

She had been trying to hide me all day long. Her eyes are fixed on the ceiling. To an outsider it may seem as though she’s listlessly staring at the wall but I know what she’s really looking at. All the memories are played by her mind and she relives it all; the joy andContinue reading “If Tears Could Think”


If you had wings, Would you let them destroy you? Or would you rather fly, Exploring skies unknown? Don’t give up hope just because you don’t have wings. You don’t need them to fly. All you need is a heart brave enough to endure your differences and make them your strength.

A state of mind

“Her lips traced her laughter, her lungs could barely contain the joy”. The music was loud and people I called my friends laughed with me. A minute has passed and we’re still cracking over some lame joke. An incongruous feeling settles deep inside my heart. I feel it getting stronger with each passing minute. I’mContinue reading “A state of mind”


There was once a time when i dreamt with my eyes closed, of things beyond imagination. With age, wit & so called wisdom; transient waters of time washed away those winsome eyes. All that remains, are dreams. Yes, dreams that we see with open eyes, that are nothing but a reflection of reality. The veryContinue reading “Dreams.”

Inspiration for All Rounders.

What truly inspires us? Now that, folks is a question that nobody really asks themselves. We’re always searching for inspiration and looking up ways on the internet to stay hooked onto one thing. Sometimes, we even narrow down our perspective to the point where we believe that there is only one thing that can trulyContinue reading “Inspiration for All Rounders.”

Letting Go.

In my first post I wanted to delve into the aspect of letting go. Often we end up getting confused between two questions- ‘How to let go?’ and ‘When to let go?’. Lately I’ve been teaching myself the concept of letting go. You see, that’s where I went wrong. It’s not a concept but anContinue reading “Letting Go.”