Under the Crimson Moon

“So, why do you work here?” She hung her head & stared hard at the plate, with the burger sitting still upon it. He followed her gaze & realised that she hasn’t even touched her food yet. How long have we been talking, he wondered. “I had no other option” she broke the silence inContinue reading “Under the Crimson Moon”


All the colors she’s living, Black, tangerine & pink. Is his majestic giving, For as long as he lives. Once death meets man, She’s stripped of her hues. Bangles taken off her hand, She sings the lonely muse. Pushing her into the fire, They send her away to him. Colorful bangles she admired, Now pierceContinue reading “Colors”


They vanish without a trail, Leaving me weak in the knees. When my memories go stale, Stench of my efforts define me. My soul begins to whimper, As I try to suppress my cries. Abysmal thoughts whisper, Words that were never mine. Skies have fallen tonight, Unleashing a storm so wild. My racing heart canContinue reading “Expectations”