A state of mind

“Her lips traced her laughter, her lungs could barely contain the joy”. The music was loud and people I called my friends laughed with me. A minute has passed and we’re still cracking over some lame joke. An incongruous feeling settles deep inside my heart. I feel it getting stronger with each passing minute. I’mContinue reading “A state of mind”


There was once a time when i dreamt with my eyes closed, of things beyond imagination. With age, wit & so called wisdom; transient waters of time washed away those winsome eyes. All that remains, are dreams. Yes, dreams that we see with open eyes, that are nothing but a reflection of reality. The veryContinue reading “Dreams.”

Letting Go.

In my first post I wanted to delve into the aspect of letting go. Often we end up getting confused between two questions- ‘How to let go?’ and ‘When to let go?’. Lately I’ve been teaching myself the concept of letting go. You see, that’s where I went wrong. It’s not a concept but anContinue reading “Letting Go.”