‘Bold & Beautiful’, They say.

It was the new ideal form
Printed on graphic tees and
Painted in journals
Expressed with the deepest
Words any language had to offer

Times are changing, they say
We’re really out there now
I wish I could wrap my head
Around this lie though
But I can’t, you see
I haven’t been taught to
Yet I could never get the hang of
Ignorance either
Ergo, pardon my incongruous

I know deep inside we’re all
We’re in too many pieces
To even keep count of what
Weighs us down anymore,
We’re just drowning
And we call it ‘letting go
For some reason

Times are changing,
Maybe for those who like
To control time & keep the
Reins between their fingers
But for you & I, it hasn’t
No wonder we still think twice
Before standing out
Before ‘coming out‘ because
Apparently, we owe an explanation
For being ourselves

Times haven’t changed
Except for diminished values
And plastic smiles
Guarding unspoken tragedies,
We still judge
In the name of movements
Upholding the ink of hypocrisy
Because as we all know it
A pen is mightier than a sword
And so it is

So it is,
Please, don’t be bold and
Don’t quote it around like
You truly live by it
Life is not an Instagram bio
You’ll never ‘live & let live

Firstly, be bold enough to
Accept your beauty,
Let yourself live.


So, this was basically a rant (if you haven’t figured out already). I’m really in a dilemma when I think of these ‘changing times’ because I’m not so sure about what’s changing. Okay maybe there have been many plus points but along with that, there’s been an increase in setbacks too. A common example would be of the twisted notions people have regarding feminism because of misleading feminists. On the one hand, we’re really progressive as a society towards global issues & that’s what the problem could be. We’re stuck in the middle, not where we were & not where we’re supposed to be. Sometimes, I wonder if all thoughtful quotes have been restricted for bios of our social media sites, how much of it do we actually understand? Because following it comes way later. We haven’t even grasped the meaning of life. Where are we heading? Is this progress? Why have we shunned aside acceptance? I know it’s a small word, insignificant to you perhaps but it makes a real difference. Ask anyone who’s never been considered normal. I know it’s impossible to not judge people because inside all our heads, there’s a tiny voice that speaks fearlessly. But do learn to give people a chance. Don’t expect anything, just accept. That’s how you live & let live.



Upliftment ~

It’s been so long since I’ve lost inspiration. Most of the time, venting my emotions helps a lot but recently, it seemed as though things were going downhill really fast. My anxieties were beginning to really affect me negatively.

Nevertheless, I locked myself up in the room today & decided to let it all out. With each shade a part of me found peace. Layer by layer, I put down all my setbacks in my journal. I started with the darkest shade, black which basically resembles my past mood. As I gradually moved up crossing the blues & purple, a little bit of red burst into the happiest yellow I’ve ever felt. What was tricky is blending the right kind of blues & purple with yellow, much like learning to balance the pros & cons in life.

To add to it, I found the most beautiful verse that simply filled my heart with an urge to live my life to the fullest.

Thanks for reading & have a nice day everyone!


On the lone shore
The sands wrap
Themselves around
Lost sea shells
That have come
A long way from home

They’re waiting wilfully
For fateful fingers to
Pick them up and place
Them on stolid brown
Shelves, immobile
Unlike the blue waters
They were used to

Precious gifts of nature
Seldom have a choice of
Their own
Unless they decide to
Misleading currents
Directionless tides
Change is a gift of
Not of comfort.


I Am ~ Unapologetically.

My agony is skin deep
Curled beneath

This skin is a pile of
That gives me hope
To live

Flowing within my veins
Alongside this blood
Is every inch of
That makes me
Who I am

You say that you’ve never
Liked the bad part of me,
But to tell you the truth
I am little parts of me

I am what flows with
My blood
What lies skin deep
What breaks you

I am evil,
Even if it’s a mere part of me.


A Wintry Tale

Frozen dew drops
And misty mornings
With life that’s almost
I see what we’ve become
All around me

This is how I remember you
A deranged snowflake
Making a seasonal appearance
Amidst darkened nights
With ice cold gestures
That lure my dreams
Toward you

Ours is a wintry tale
That lives every December
And begins with the
Beauty of death,
Leaving behind colors
Of life,
Ours is a wintry tale
That ends just the same

Doesn’t this mean
We’re exactly where we begin
Every new year?


The past is a place we’ve a habit of visiting quite often. It’s very much like our present in the sense that it contains fragments of both joy & sadness. It affects us the same way our present does, although the degree to which it does is in our control.

After tonight, I hope your days are filled with good memories. I want you to know that despite all the downs, you made it to the finish line. Not only did you finish the race but gained wisdom and experience which will go a long way. Even if there are days when your mind ponders over the dark days, I pray that you find your light by remembering the way you survived.

Take care, my dear readers and many thanks for supporting me throughout the year. My enthralling journey began in the Month of May. You’ve taught me to open up & be brave when it comes down to my writing. It’s only because of you that only a month back I was able to perform one of my poems in front of impeccable poets & writers. The appreciation & love that this community has for each other & aspiring poets like me is truly commendable.

You were all a source of happiness for me. You will always be.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I’m truly humbled by your presence ❤


Scarlett never had a heart of gold
Scarlett never let her secrets unfold

Scarlett was a girl who had aged too quick
Wisdom dawned upon her before hormones could lure her to the dark side

But that doesn’t mean she was impervious to wit and intellect and poetry and art

(And bad boys)

Scarlett often collected art that made her weak in the knees
Scarlett was an amalgamation of moonlight and fire
Of blood and hope
Of truth and illusion

Scarlett tried her best to keep love safe & sound
She always forgets her best game is broken promises, not happily ever after

Scarlett lives in a world
Of stolen art,
And stolen endings of unfinished

Scarlett whispers a name with each breath she takes
And thinks of the one amongst fallen angels
The one with a mind as dark as hers
But a lot more strong

Scarlett writes like never before
Oozing out frozen emotions
Only to take it back in step by step

Scarlett is terrible at remembering faces and dates and names
But today she pretends to blow out Birthday candles;
And puts that playlist on repeat,
The one she hates
The one that makes her weak

Scarlett celebrates love
And false hope
And useless resolutions
For the year to come.


Hey everyone!

Wishing y’all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. I hope it will be a harbinger of beautiful beginnings followed by the fulfillment of our dreams, passions & everything else that we desire. (:

Just in case you’re wondering, the above poem has nothing to do with a ‘happy’ new year 😀 Scarlett likes her beginnings sad!

Have a nice day 🌸


I often trail along silent paths
Ruminating about the past

When I was young and wild
Seldom did my worries
Define me

I swallow pain now
Like cotton candy
The moment it enters my insides
I melt that bitter motherfucker
Into the sweetest lullaby

I’m older now
Than I was when we
Fell in love

All this time
I thought age will be the
Reason I forget you; forget us

I’ve never been so wrong

Because as I trail along these silent paths
And feel pain grope my insides
And emptiness draining the life out of me,
Remembering you I see the happiest time of my days
When you & I were us,
When loving you wasn’t a curse.