Rotten Without Regret

Here’s a painting of my soul A lose binding of pages that Leak hope Till it overflows at the borderline Of my existence Happiness becomes the death of me I’m reminded of the time Evil queen offered me an Apple And I ate it and I lived She looked at me with surprise As I […]

Thirsty Ink

The pen I weild in my hand is my only friend. When human minds fail to reciprocate my darkness, he kisses my hand till secrets unveil themselves only to drown in his soft embrace. As the black liquid oozes from its faithful end I sit back & watch the wonders of my thoughts indulging in […]

Madness That Defines Me.

A cyst swells on the inside Halcyon days leaking at the Edge of who I used to be The neighbourhood dogs Bark at 2 AM resonating my Thoughts that are incoherent Except that they want to be heard I walk like a diseased remedy And somehow, my body turns Into a fetish for your sight […]


I thought of defining emptiness once but today, the opposite happened and it defines me instead. Despite the lungs, my beating heart, veins, arteries, liver, pancreas my body feels light; shallow. It’s like I’m floating in a sea of dark clouds that whispers evil thoughts and I’m forced to believe because loud voices sound like […]

Trapped Inside Words

My poetry is the blood Sucking leech Draining the life Out of me My poetry is the blue sky Caged behind a limit I could neither mend Nor extend Every time I think of Kissing the sun The moon swallows my feet, Dragging me back I throw my head Upon her lap While the stars […]

Love Inside Me

I stopped waving back awkwardly as I realized time wasn’t waving at me. His eyes were fixed upon memory who danced with each little neuron, delaying present synapses. A warm sip of tea sends the two of them astray. Hand in hand, they sway to & fro upon nostalgia blinking once in a while so […]

Dead Again

I swallow moths that live on my window pane A blanket of withered petals presses me six feet below the sheets My bedroom is a graveyard when death crawls in the form of deep slumber Poe stares at me from the poster On the wall and I tell him I’m in love He looks at […]


Reignited filaments Light up the bulbs The world in your eyes Looks like my death And when you’re on The edge of an apocalypse Life puts a finger on the Sheath of politeness The curtains burn And I rise. -Nameera.

For The Woman of My Life

It took me nineteen years To actually realize how we Are both after the same things Two free women Chasing uncertain winds When one trips The other holds her up I live for the sparkle in her eyes She breathes through my smiles And when rage takes Control of us She begins to fear the […]