A burglary happened on your lips while you had your eyes closed. Maybe that’s why kisses are stolen these days, not planted. You say heart breakers are bullies who will never be happy again, tell me, what do you truly know about being one? We can be poets for all you know, making you cry […]


Butterflies perched upon lashes The dark in my eyes is engulfing all Stars in yours A hiccup stung the memory of you I knit a bag of lies to carry on Shapely shoulders Disproportionate bones break like Twigs under weightless traumas… An imprisoned poem My poem has been published on an online collective started by […]


All this time I thought it was the devil corrupting my vision, turning my insides sour till my soul was a concourse of morbidity and decay. But when I looked in the mirror this morning, I saw my body reciprocate him. The toxic reflection taught me everything I know of self-hate. I mimic the rhythms […]


Time swishes past us Like a hurricane headed Towards destruction The easiest luggage to carry Are broken parts of me Yet hardest to endure, Minute hands tick away Bit by bit Water drops in the kitchen sink Birds chirp after long pauses A dog barks in the distance My heart pulls away at the edges […]


Nomad: a person who doesn’t stay long in the same place; a wanderer. Your eyes always traveled from my spine to the slender nape, I couldn’t see backwards but I felt your gaze. The way your touch would maneuver my back made butterflies flutter inside my stomach. My mouth was your secret keeper and my […]


The button from your T-shirt fell somewhere You’re starting to forget which way gravity works Does it eat you alive or vomit parts of you All over the space Maybe the stars you see isn’t your dead grandfather But pieces of you that could never survive on earth How do I know that mother’s smile […]


You know well the corners and Folds of my paper body You tear some apart and glue Newer ones Taking what’s mine and Sticking your own You think that ‘we’ can be Origami love Intertwined within each other Like destiny However you forget one thing That ink has always flowed from My fingernails I taint […]

Silk Tides

They whisper to my feet ‘Walk, walk, walk’ The wind pushes me forward I untie the folds of my sorrow And weave the pain anew A different poem A different pain My hair swallows sunlight Leaving behind the heat The strands are still dark Like the beak of a crow Building a nest out of […]


#1 My hands might be weak Feet numb, paving for eternal sleep My tongue may have become a Graveyard of words And my mouth will be covered in The stench of goodbyes Pools of my eyes will have dried Long ago Tears would’ve departed already Waiting for me to arrive I can hear mother’s voice […]


I was listening to Gone by Gavin Luke, an orchestral beauty. It made me think of all that is gone. The strangest part was that the loss of those things/people doesn’t bother me anymore. A residual called guilt is still intact somewhere in the back of my head but slowly, I’m trying to heal myself […]