The story behind my hair.

People always wonder what makes me do crazy stuff to my hair. From extreme color to extreme haircuts, I’ve probably done it all.

The last time I remember having really long hair reaching my waist was back when I was 11. A year later I got a really short, above shoulder length layered haircut. Till I was 13 I experimented simple layered haircuts and I would get them trimmed every time they reached my shoulder.

Then I gave angled bob a go. It was medium in length. The first time I got it the hair stylist sort of ruined it because her hands were shaking the whole time she gave me the haircut. It was just so weird so I had to get it cut again. It turned out Okay-ish I think. My hair grows really fast so soon enough I had to tie them up in a pony tail.

I first colored my hair when I was 14. It was light brown. Then next year I went for golden blonde though initially I had intended for a more lighter shade of blonde. I also got rid of my pony tail and was left with really short layered haircut again.

Things got a little interesting by the time I was 16. Well, once again I had a pony tail but this time I didn’t cut my hair the whole year. I let them grow till they were an inch below my shoulders. I also colored them ash blonde, something I had been wanting to do for a long time.

As soon as I turned 17 I decided it was time to do something really, really crazy. Besides, layered haircuts had become too mundane for me to even consider at this point.

Hence, I went for a pixie this time!

I remember I posted a picture of it on my social media in the month of April last year and some people thought it was an April fool trick. But obviously it wasn’t. I got a really short Pixie and I loved it! (Even though the hairdresser almost cut my ear because her hands moved way too fast)

At the end of the year I colored them Magenta. Yep. On top of that we had an event at our school (Which is Indian) where I had to wear a Saree. As far as I know I felt normal and people were calm about it because everyone knows I’m up to crazy shit almost all the time when it comes down to my hair. I believe that confidence is the best make-up, shoes, hair and dress you’ll ever need to really feel pretty. I fell in love with the hair color because it was bright and lively. It made me feel confident. So, no matter what I wore or where I went, I was always comfortable.

I still have a pixie, though it’s an asymmetrical one now. Also I had to change my hair dresser because the previous one was actually hell bent on slaying my ear. It felt like she was playing ear ninja or something.

So, to get a better picture of my hair journey, here’s an artwork that sums it up.

Just Another Normal Day

Is your mind as dark as mine?

The mere sight of her was enough to strike an insane chord inside of me. I could figure out 101 ways to kill her for hours on end.

I pull her by her hair, dragging her across the floor. The smell of the blood dripping from her nose is sweet with a tinge of iron that makes the hair on my spine tickle with rapture. She quit begging me to stop hitting her on realizing that sympathy was not my cup of tea. Little did she know that her audacity landed her where she’s now, helpless and alone.

I contemplate unique ways to dispose off the corpse. But she’s still breathing softly amidst the darkness of my mind that surrounds her. Soon this blackness would engulf her into an image I’ll play over and over again in my head.
Did she moan or was it the chair that creaked that I had been sitting on?
The sight of her long black hair makes me loathe her even more. Just as I was about to throttle her to death an idea struck me. I stood still thinking through the idea, the murder. The whole picture finally coming together makes me smile.
Out of utter darkness, a cabinet appears wherein lies a pair of scissors just waiting for the mere touch of my fingers against the cold, hard silver that, in a way resonates my heart.
I cut all her hair till her head is shingled. Then I reach for her bruised mouth and open it wide which is bloody red, making it impossible to me to figure out the color of her teeth.
She’s still breathing, I realise. Not for long, I whisper in her ear. Her hair was long enough for what I wanted to do.

I stuffed it in her mouth, all of it.

The hair wouldn’t go in since her mouth was small so I jerked them in only to crack her jaw.
I wouldn’t leave the corpse out here in this darkness, no.

In an instant the dark room turns into the hazy image of the old school building.

I’m in the hallway, standing at the mouth of the staircase. I push the body down the flight of stairs only to see it crash against the wall in the most unnatural and disfigured manner ever.

“Nameera, I can smell the tea burning” I quickly dash into the kitchen but half of it has already evaporated into the thin air. Great.

“Um, I’ll make it again” I tell my mom. “Where is your mind these days” she ponders eyeing me carefully (looking for a trickle of blood from my recent kill, maybe?¿).

I purse my lips and get back to work.