Favorite Space Movies.

Movies depicting adventures in space have always fascinated me. Though I don’t remember how I came to love this genre, I can very well list out a few of my favorite movies.

1. Interstellar.

I hope you’re not surprised why I put this on number one! I was hell-bent on watching this movie as soon as the trailer was out. My experience was simply fantastic. At the end of the day, this piece of art left me amazed & with tons of questions about the universe.

2. Apollo 13.

I’ve talked about this movie in a previous post of mine. The fact that it’s based on real-life makes it all the more interesting. The details with which this movie was put together is commendable.

3. Event Horizon.

This 1997 Science Fiction Horror was a perfect blend of my favorite genres. In the year 2047, the crew of Lewis & Clark find themselves investigating a starship that disappeared 7 years ago. A series of paranormal events unfold, inflicting the crew members. They find a video log where Event Horizon’s captain gauges out his own eyes & holding them up to the camera says, “liberate tutement ex inferis (Save yourself from hell)”.

4. The Martian.

This is another blockbuster that simply amazed millions around the globe based on a book by Andy Weir of the same name. The movie showcases true essence of loneliness & how the astronaut deals with it tactfully. I enjoyed every bit of this masterpiece. The survival instincts embedded in the character simply moved me.