of independence & french fries

i grew up as independent as the roof on my head,
but i still needed the walls to float

i sometimes feel like the plants sitting
outside my window,
just observing my life
maybe this is just an astral lie
or maybe im a stray dog looking for a
shed to sleep under

im a window breaking a thousand times
just to come to terms with this strange insult that is growing
in my poems

im the eye balls rolling on the ground
and disappearing under the carpet, a
divorced paper waiting for a signature

i like big words and synonyms, i wish i
could find one for my brain
i wish i could nurse the soil that
weakens the bold cracks that are quick
to assume the joy in
every dark shade
of life

this out of control window to my soul
makes me want to fall into a sickness,
i can’t name it tonight
it’ll be a different poem tomorrow

let it fester, let it fester like the fading
smell of french fries on a wintry afternoon,
my little revenge lives every season but
in winters, it eats me

i wish it would chew me too but it eats
me whole
(greedy bitch)
in a stomach, i write about a heart
pretending to be my roof

i write about the bliss sliding under my
clothes, it’s too cold for it to come out, it

i grew up independent, inside myself
i grew up, in as much space as i could
take and they could give,
i outgrew
i died;

in the throat of grief, as she drank sobs
to encounter cracked ceilings and
disfigured djinns coming out of their
holes in my bedroom wall

french fries in the rain,
and a cup of tea, please.

-Nameera Anjum Khan


She’s the desert he left,
For greener pastures.
Losely tied weft threads,
Dismantled their stature.

Winsome eyes once bore,
A dream now distorted.
They saw a family of four,
But her fertility retorted.

Society labelled her ‘barren’,
Restricting her existence.
With falling tears she is laden,
Asking God for repentance.

Her shreiks reverberate,
As She yearns for a baby.
His utmost hatred sedates,
The mind of a useless lady.

Her precious heart,
Is never their concern.
For not playing her part,
She will always be shunned.


If a woman is childless, does she become unworthy? If she doesn’t have the ability to give life, is it permissible for the society to torment her mentally?

What will you do if your daughter, sister or wife is barren? Would you rather let her drown in guilt for a cause that was never her fault or stand by her side?

If the purpose of a woman was to only give birth & ensure continuous survival of mankind, then they would be no more than a baby-making factory.

The pride of universal donors.

“You know, you’re a universal donor” back then I had little to no knowledge of what it meant but I’d brag around my friends & tell them how special my blood was.

One fine day in grade 10 we had a chapter in Biology that included a small portion about blood types. It sparked enough interest in me to finally get the hang of the term ‘Universal Donor’.

My blood type is O negative and so is my dad’s. But my mother has blood type O positive. Almost all my family members on my father’s side have O negative blood type. Hence, it wasn’t difficult for me to figure out why I have it.

Now, why are there different blood groups?

The three blood types namely, A B & O were discovered by an Austrian Physician, Karl Landsteiner which earned him a Nobel prize in 1930.

Later others discovered the AB blood type.

The underlying factor that separates blood groups from one another are ‘Antigens’.

It’s the coating around Red Blood Cells (RBCs). There are 2 main antigens found around RBCs; A & B.

While AB blood group has both of them, O blood type has neither.

Another common term that we come across quite often is RH positive and RH negative. What exactly is RH and what do we mean by + & -?

In our blood there is a collection of 45 antigens called Rhesus. The name has come from the Rhesus monkey which led to the theory of evolution of mankind from monkeys.

To be more specific :

The Significance of Being Rh Negative or Rh Positive. In 1937, Karl Landsteiner and Alexander Weiner discovered a new blood type: the rhesus blood type, or Rh factor. The rhesus protein is named for the rhesus monkey, which also carries the gene, and is a protein that lives on the surface of the red blood cells“.

Source :

The significance of being RH negative or RH positive.


, if you’re RH + : you’ll have all 45 antigens but if you’re RH – : you’ve none. This is the simple meaning behind RH and + & – .

This blood type comes with its own set of pros and cons. I’ve seen my aunts having problems during pregnancy because of their blood type.

However with every problem there’s a solution now thanks to the advancedments in medicine and technology. A woman with O negative blood type can get RhGAM or RH Immune Globulin injections to prevent their immune systems from producing antibodies when they’re pregnant with a child that has RH positive blood type.

Well, now comes the fun part! Myths pertaining to RH negative blood type always fascinate me even though some of them are as absurd as linking our lineage to aliens. Yes.

The one population with high density of the gene for RH – blood type are the Basques from northeastern Spain. Considering them RH – dates all the way back to Cro-Magnon ancestry going back to upper Paleolithic period.

While other possible sources of RH- blood line could be the aliens. Some people believe that they genetically engineered or even mated with humans and hence here we are, RH negative blood types!

But the fact that our DNA make-up is very much like any other human being who has originated on planet earth contradicts the myth about aliens.

At the end of the day it’s just a blood type, positive or negative, A B O or AB with pros & cons just as every other blood type. Yes, we can donate blood to all types but only receive the same blood makes us unique and may even be termed as a setback. But I think being human has its own pros and cons. While there’s study that suggests that each blood type should follow a particular diet I believe that eating healthy & drinking lots of water should suffice whether you’re RH+ or RH-.

As a child most universal donors probably feel proud due to the fact that they’re different than the rest.

But there’s greater satisfaction in doing something good with what you have rather than boasting about it. So, donate and help others in need.

It doesn’t matter what your blood type is, universal or non-universal, someone out there is definitely your type.

Links to the sources I used:

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Different blood types.

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The picture with the quote is from one of my favorite songs called ‘Monster’ by Paramore.

Here’s a link to it : Paramore-Monster