Don’t get too close

Don’t get too close,

You’ll either end up broken or break a soul.

The greatest point of vulnerability for me has always been getting people to know too much about me. I’ve always been happy knowing less and understanding more about them. I want them to be the same way with me. But things don’t always work out the way you want them to.



See the light,
They say.
It’s within,
Learn to embrace.

I did,
I failed.
In between,
Is where I rest.

There’s no light,
There’s no dark.
All that there’s in sight,
Is a grey mark.

I’m happy,
Not sane.
I’m lonely,
Not depressed.

I’m me,
In a strangers body.
I can love,
As I die every minute.

Blackness took,
A vital part of me.
While the light,
Blinded my soul.

All I do,
All I think
All I feel,
Is nothing but grey.

#2 The story of a thorn

Every thorn has a story,
That no one wants to hear.
But he was more than eager,
To get even a glimpse of it.

He was willing to prick,
His finger over and over again.
He would bleed for her,
Till death came by her hands.

She was by no means,
Moved initially.
But his constant fight,
Brought something to life.

She started seeing things,
She had forgotten long ago.
The fragrance of roses,
Began to feel like home.

But she was still captive,
In a dungeon of guilt.
And he stayed adamant,
To never let her leave.

With time,
She forgave her crimes.
For she saw no hope,
In letting go of the rope.

He dragged her above,
From beneath the ground.
With the first ray of sunshine,
She was born anew.

Though she was still a thorn,
Prickly and headstrong.
For all the good reasons,
She couldn’t be a tender rose.

She found love,
Despite what she had become.
She had a come a long way,
From being held down ‘gainst her wishes.