My Recent Obsession

Tove Lo. Yes, that’s what my recent obsession is called. She’s a Swedish singer-songwriter. What I love most about her songs is the grunge essence that is imbibed deep within the lyrics as well as the music. It’s an amazing take on pop music. Here are some of my favorite songs by this amazingly talented,Continue reading “My Recent Obsession”


The dead leaves he never steps on, Are remnants of his damaged heart. That so many have trampled upon, Leaving him in broken parts. As a result he has never felt whole, He is just a heap of bones & tears. Broken promises have taken a toll, Giving birth to brand new fears. With theContinue reading “Broken”


A poem devoid of rhymes, A religion missing devotion. My soul is the ultimate sign, Of a canvas lacking emotion. My thoughts fill the pages, Of A book without a name. Mirroring a lamenting visage, That will never be the same. I’ve tried hard to feel whole, With the dawn of a new day. YetContinue reading “Incomplete”

The Sunshine Blogger Award.

These awards are indeed a bliss to all bloggers. It helps us get to know a little bit more about each other & brings the WordPress community closer. Hence, I’m glad to have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by none other than Tisha ! Thank you so much for your consideration. For thoseContinue reading “The Sunshine Blogger Award.”


A very quintessential trend has come into existence that stems from Feminism which, as most of you are already aware of, has been a movement led by women when centuries ago they were still fighting suppression, which is unlike the actual movement. Equal rights were, without a doubt earned years ago but hints of suppressionContinue reading “FemiNazi’s”

An Exploration

What’s art? Is it colors that are splashed on a canvas, poems brimming with metaphors or a heart-warming prose? For me art is an exploration. Over the years it has helped me on a personal & mental level. It has carried my emotions in ways no human could have. I’ve been able to explore myContinue reading “An Exploration”

Apollo 13 : A Failure

Was it the unlucky number 13 or the sudden change of a crew member? Not really. It was the oxygen tank that exploded. All they could do was gaze at the moon & wave it goodbye. Can you imagine what it must have felt like to traverse all the way across the universe to markContinue reading “Apollo 13 : A Failure”

My Secret Superpower

It was another normal day at school for a 4 year old. Suddenly she felt the urge to get out of the classroom for an ordinary stroll in the hallway. The little girl often found solace in being alone. So, she took the teachers permission to go to the bathroom. A minute later she wasContinue reading “My Secret Superpower”

A year without social media

It’s nearly impossible for many of us to put on hold our lives on social media & focus on ‘real life’. While I’ve seen people balance both equally but one day or the other, our life on social media slowly begins to take control of how we deal with day to day situations. Do youContinue reading “A year without social media”

Music Helps

I remained adamant to not acknowledge the fact that I was depressed, none of my so called ‘friends’ could catch a hint either. They ignored me & so did I. Alright so coming down to the purpose behind this post, I want to share music that became my only friend at a time when IContinue reading “Music Helps”