Of Silly Ruminations

Art by Chugtai M.A.R

I want to be an openness bending at the tip of the sunlight falling on my back. But I’m also afraid of burning in my own fire.

I carry my hostilities like a poet who adores perspiring on a hot sunny afternoon in the arms of an old monument that houses some grand secrets only he can see – and I can’t unsee. I’ve been his muse and his monument – sometimes a pillar draped in silk.

I yearn to be a vastness, much wilder than the blue skies. Someone once told me that I was silly to think of blue skies as wild, and I only laughed. How can you not see the calm that has rained, birthed storms and swallowed deaths? I realise that it’s indeed silly of me to think that people would see how I manage to carry this calm.

I don’t burn in my own fire. I invite other’s to ignite my flame so that I can master my art of living for others – because what is a woman without a role?

Simply a human? No, that is deeply silly of me, indeed.

-Nameera Anjum Khan.

So yes, day 9 is over, where I live and I really did not want to break my flow. Hence, I quickly looked up this enthralling work of art to inspire me today!

This one is a take on gender roles – particularly the one’s attached to a woman. It takes inferences from the Indian culture as well and the thinking of a family/culture-oriented woman who is made to feel suppressed because of her desires for freedom.

Sometimes, things that reflect a particular emotion aren’t exactly what they’re composed of, the blue skies for example that are not always blue or calm, for that matter.

I always feel that seasons and nature is a very great way to deeply understand human emotions in a poetic light. Hence my obsession with them is pretty evident in this piece too!

Thank you for reading, have a great day/night!



    1. Nameera says:

      Thank you so much 🌼


  1. abysspost says:

    Hi again Nameera. I want to say this poem is beautiful. The opening stanza captures something universal. While your focus us the female condition, I can say, as male, the sentiment you reveal is well known to me as well. We put on masks each and every day, to block the sun’s life giving rays.


    1. Nameera says:

      Hi Matthew, I’ve missed you! How are you doing? Also thank you so much, I’m so happy to hear from you after such a long time. I understand, we all go through the same phases at the end of the day. No one is ever truly free – you know, sometimes I wonder if having a certain passion or an aim in life constricts it. What if there are so many choices out there that I’m missing out on? But then again, what if I lose all my chances if I don’t stay focused? Ah well, there’s just too many questions and I’m afraid even direct answers would narrow down my existence. I think life should be left open to interpretation, just like poetry (:


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