A Melting Tangerine (#8)

Violin Lady by cersatti

A stitch, and now I dance.

My feet move in motions I’ve been alien to. Happiness is a planet revolving inside my palms. I catch you watching me undress my grief in the haunting moonlight. You move like a shadow I’m drowning in – and every inch of this downward spiral is a religion I’m learning to recite.

A stitch, and now I care.

Inside you, there’s a house that looks like a painting I once dreamt. It is so out of place and perfect, so otherworldly and intimate. It’s a touch I recognise and swallow – a strawberry taste/ a bathing tide/ a summer scream.

A stitch, and now I bite.

Tonight, you are my muse. I want everything – to myself. I want the heaven in my hell and the space in my skin. I want death in my voice and life between our meshwire forms.

A stitch, and now I’m the lady – yellow/orange/ a melting tangerine, tear me apart and make love to me until the moon refuses to go down and the sun forgets to blink.

-Nameera Anjum Khan.

I absolutely LOVE listening to the violin and would love to learn to play it someday! It was such an opportune moment when I discovered this absolutely gorgeous work of art. Do click on the link to visit the gallery & check out some cool merch available based off of the painting above.

Also when I say ‘Stitch’ I’m actually referring to the way the sound of a violin just makes my heart so full. It feels like every reason to fret is slowly fading away and it stitches all the pieces back together.


  1. Aaah the structure of this with the way you begin every second paragraph with ‘a stitch’! I’m going to stop saying it’s good lest I repeat myself and just write down my favourite line from your piece.

    ‘and every inch of this downward spiral is a religion I’m learning to recite.’ ❀

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    1. Thank youuu thank you so much man!! I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you for always bringing a smile on my face ☺️ WP wouldn’t be the same without you πŸ˜…

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  2. I love the picture so much. It has so much meaning, yet it’s so simplistic. I admire the sound of the piano more than I do the violin, but I agree, the type of music, harmony, and thrill that comes solely from the violin is unparalled. Your writing was beautiful!!

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    1. I know right! It was a very beautiful find and I knew I had to write something on it. I love the piano too but for me, violin is more than just an instrument, really. It’s simply Poetry to me πŸ˜€ Thank you so much, this means a lot to me!!


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