The metaphysics of my existence circumvent the physiology that reeks of me. My nose, my ears, my mouth and my hands are tales that hum Mozart across park benches on a windy afternoon. There is a moon that grows in the middle of my chest, it grows until writing feels like playing the piano and my fingers move across the keys that have the power to contain and redefine me. Philosophy is the muse that often makes me wonder if we are mere thoughts of the universe, each one so unique and different. What if the distant universes we never see are the worlds we create inside our heads? I’ve always been a subject of my ruminations not because the idea of my being is the only element that lives to entice me but because there is so much we leave to an outer perspective, forfeiting the vitality of looking beyond our reflection. We are mirrors learning from each other, recreating the same habits confined by normalcy but the moment we look beyond and beneath, a universe of differences unfolds like a mighty wave. That is who I am and that is who you are, a mighty wave, set aside from every reflection that you have ever come across just as others  have too. But you were always flowing with a unique rhythm, a whole different energy that defines only you and no other.

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