Nomad: a person who doesn’t stay long in the same place; a wanderer.

Your eyes always traveled from my spine to the slender nape, I couldn’t see backwards but I felt your gaze. The way your touch would maneuver my back made butterflies flutter inside my stomach. My mouth was your secret keeper and my tongue, the seal that sat upon it. I wish you had stayed a little longer but I’m afraid my pastures ended too soon. I wasn’t all greenery and colorful lilies, my thighs were sand dunes changing shape; too quick for you to chase. I thrust my fingers in your wounds so that you could see for once and not turn away but a lost soul like you would never abandon your ways. The oases within me weren’t enough to fulfill your thirst; you looked for open blue skies but were met with the scorching sun. The more I tried to embrace you, the more it burnt your skin. So, you left one last time with hopes of settlement. My sands tell me that your eyes still harbor my face; your fingers tremble to write about me. She is the perfect pasture for you, I’m afraid not all travelers can withstand a desert like me.

22 thoughts on “NOMAD

      1. Oh, sounds interesting; I’ll look it up! I just started reading Anne Rice – The Witching Hour series!! It’s ah-mazing if you’re into witches, gothic fiction and the likes 😅

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      2. Ah so many books to read! I looked it up and now it’s on my reading list. I don’t read often because once I start a book, I can’t put it down or escape it for a while. Books have a kind of spell on me.

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      3. All her books are on my list to be honest, Anne Rice is my new favorite! Have you watched ‘Interview with the vampire’? It’s been adapted into a movie, it was one of her novels from another vampire series. Yes indeed, some books entice me so bad that I’ve no choice but to devour it in one go!

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      4. Sorry for replying so late.
        I googled ‘Interview with the vampire’ and I’m so excited to watch it after seeing the cast members! I’ll let you know once I’m done watching. xx

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      5. Sure thing! I know right 😀 At first I found it quite funny I mean it’s almost unimaginable to see Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise as vampires 😂 But they did one heck of a job 🙌💯

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  1. There are winter talkers who can’t stand the heat, so they stay out the kitchen. Then there are summer walkers who enjoy the beauty of the pyramids, and are on a mission. Treasure hunters who feel the sand, become one with it and flow with its ever giving heat. Sand dancers that flow just like what you just wrote, causing a rise in temperature but yet lasting to enjoy the reading of a good treasure. A wonderfully written piece, such symbolism and yet a great message within it also.🌹

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  2. You have grown in spirit and the depth of your words. I am so glad to see such intense thoughts flowing through your pen. Keep it up and never bound yourself to what is obvious. Keep exploring and enjoying the journey 🙂 .

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