I was Troy and you conquered me

Reckless and bold, you had a way

With my heart

Leaving me with no choice

But to sway the way you

Wanted me to


I crowned you with my trust

The only wealth I had ever possessed


You put on your armor of gold

But it was too strong for me to

Embrace you

I was weakened by your unruly



This helpless state is what I termed


And now that I’ve slain all

Memory of you

The temples on my land have been

Dirtied by your presence

A need that glitches in the dark is

What you are


You’ve become the weakness in my


The reason why I forget that love

Isn’t a murderer

That love can kill but will always earn

My mercy


You’re the Achilles heel I can’t wrap

My way around

The mistake that burns brighter than

The sun

It defies the prayers I seek

All my strength eventually leaks.



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