My hands might be weak
Feet numb, paving for eternal sleep
My tongue may have become a
Graveyard of words
And my mouth will be covered in
The stench of goodbyes
Pools of my eyes will have dried
Long ago
Tears would’ve departed already
Waiting for me to arrive
I can hear mother’s voice saying
I’m home
I can’t wait to enter the kitchen
And tell her everything that went
Down at school today
She’ll be annoyed but I’ll keep
This day was a long one
It has ended finally

Father will get me orange juice
While I go on about how easy
The exam was
He will pat my back & only
Happiness will reign

Fast forward to 2016
I’ll be in love harder than I realize
All odds will vanish in this air
Love will make me confident,
Bold and a rebel

Second time
I’ll fall for pain and
Write till I bleed to death
However, I shan’t die
Not until i remember this poem
With a satisfied smile
And greet the Angels with
Newly found peace

I pray that I’ve done my bit
Dear God
Take me home now
Take me to my mother
Tell her I’ve a long story
Her patient listening is the
Cure to my exhaustion

On my deathbed
Let my poetry be the last breath
That draws a veil between
Life and the inevitable friend

Take me home, death.


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