We all fear beauty – don’t we?

I’m the shadow
Melting under your weight
I’m the sorrow
Caged behind your hopes
I’m the beginning
To the end you fear

It’s that time of the year
When beauty blossoms
And dreams are woven
On all intricate branches

Like a sheet of white
Layer upon layer
Winter spreads itself
Making way for autumnal

Here I am now,
Shivering like a coward
Beneath ice cold insecurities
And tomorrow, I’ll trample
Upon dead leaves with joy,
As autumn kills all that lives

Death is the beauty
Melting beneath the weight
Of the air we inhale & exhale,
Because no matter how cold
Life will always mean hope,
More time & maybe just
A little bit of joy.

(Death won’t be bits & pieces, it’ll be endless)



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