Upliftment ~

It’s been so long since I’ve lost inspiration. Most of the time, venting my emotions helps a lot but recently, it seemed as though things were going downhill really fast. My anxieties were beginning to really affect me negatively.

Nevertheless, I locked myself up in the room today & decided to let it all out. With each shade a part of me found peace. Layer by layer, I put down all my setbacks in my journal. I started with the darkest shade, black which basically resembles my past mood. As I gradually moved up crossing the blues & purple, a little bit of red burst into the happiest yellow I’ve ever felt. What was tricky is blending the right kind of blues & purple with yellow, much like learning to balance the pros & cons in life.

To add to it, I found the most beautiful verse that simply filled my heart with an urge to live my life to the fullest.

Thanks for reading & have a nice day everyone!


56 thoughts on “Upliftment ~

      1. The mistakes that an English Grammer teacher are upto, they are their delight and often took pride of by crossing them with their bloody red ink . πŸ˜‚. That still haunts me like a nightmare.

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  1. I read the first sentence of this post and I was instantly hooked.Connected.I can totally relate.I’ts been a few months since I’ve been lowkey burned out, and In Jan I’m slowly and gradually trying to pick myself back up.Love this post.Have an amazing year ahead!

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    1. I’m sure you’ll be yourself, the funky & kawaii Nika in no time (: ❀ We all need a break from the humdrum of life which is totally normal. Wishing you a very fulfilling & productive 2019 by the way!

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