A Wintry Tale

Frozen dew drops
And misty mornings
With life that’s almost
I see what we’ve become
All around me

This is how I remember you
A deranged snowflake
Making a seasonal appearance
Amidst darkened nights
With ice cold gestures
That lure my dreams
Toward you

Ours is a wintry tale
That lives every December
And begins with the
Beauty of death,
Leaving behind colors
Of life,
Ours is a wintry tale
That ends just the same

Doesn’t this mean
We’re exactly where we begin
Every new year?


The past is a place we’ve a habit of visiting quite often. It’s very much like our present in the sense that it contains fragments of both joy & sadness. It affects us the same way our present does, although the degree to which it does is in our control.

After tonight, I hope your days are filled with good memories. I want you to know that despite all the downs, you made it to the finish line. Not only did you finish the race but gained wisdom and experience which will go a long way. Even if there are days when your mind ponders over the dark days, I pray that you find your light by remembering the way you survived.

Take care, my dear readers and many thanks for supporting me throughout the year. My enthralling journey began in the Month of May. You’ve taught me to open up & be brave when it comes down to my writing. It’s only because of you that only a month back I was able to perform one of my poems in front of impeccable poets & writers. The appreciation & love that this community has for each other & aspiring poets like me is truly commendable.

You were all a source of happiness for me. You will always be.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I’m truly humbled by your presence โค


76 thoughts on “A Wintry Tale

  1. Wow Nameera, this post is amazing. I love the poem at the top of the page, especially the “deranged snowflake” line (it made me chuckle), and then the second half of the post is full of beautiful vibes. I’m thrilled that this community has been good for you, and that you’ve performed one of your poems. Keep going! Keep performing your poems, putting yourself in positions where you can receive helpful criticism, and trying to improve. Have you tried to publish any of your poems yet?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely feedback, means a lot to me (: I’m glad that you liked it! Yes, this community has been amazing to me. I did publish three of my poems in March in an online poetry competition, also in an online journal (twice). I’m planning to publish in many more this year though because I feel that I’ve changed my writing style a lot. And yes, constructive criticism is always helpful.

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      1. We all do. But let word flow, trust me, it really works. Helps to wipe out the mess inside our minds. Fuck the rhyme scheme, go for the feels. Smash it boy, you can do this! Be BRAVE.


    1. Ah, how can I ever forget the best gain of the year; discovering the strongest, boldest, and an impeccable poetess!

      I’m truly humbled & forever grateful for your presenceโค

      You’re an inspiration to so many, including me. I hope this year brings even more love & success in your life.
      Take Care, love. ๐ŸŒธ


    1. *gasps in awe* THANK YOUโค
      Wish the same for you, love. I pray that this new beginning will mark the advent of a beautiful morrow in your life. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŒธ

      God Bless You, Take Care.


  2. Such a heart touching poem Nameera. Truly your poetic afflatus is divine MashaAllah.
    Wish you all peace and success on every day in the cycle of revolutions after revolutions around the sun. May you find the guiding ethereal light in every dark corners or lows ameen. Stay blessed keep praying.

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