My strength comes from
From times that redefine
The lines across
My palms

A straight path was never
Mine to follow,
The forks that lie ahead of
Align with the sky,
Ending at the mouth
Of the horizon

I was born in an hour of
Bad omens seldom stand
A chance against me,
I’m the curse of

The closer you get
The harder you bleed

I’m a writer,
Sometimes devoid of
I’m a poet,
Sometimes at a loss for
I’m a human,
Sometimes deceptively


I’ve been having trouble sleeping at night recently. This poem is a result of a myriad of bottled emotions that have been swelling in the back of my head. Every stanza speaks of a different phase in my life that permanently broke some parts of me or made me a stronger human being. If you’re going through a tough situation, remember that it’s more of an opportunity to redefine yourself rather than retiring with the belief that pain is the end. It’s only a beginning, all you’ve to do is choose your path.


131 thoughts on “Entitled

    1. Firstly, fall sick.
      Secondly, think, think & think.
      Viola! You’re a night owl now.
      (You don’t have to follow the first step, the second one will suffice as well) 😁👍


      1. Awe, close your eyes & stare into the black abyss in front you, neend ajayegi. Better yet, listen to The xx, that’s what I do when I can’t sleep (Pls don’t judge me lmao)


      2. I’ve like a huge extended family & cousins. So, we watch horror movies almost every night! 😁 And I’m still waiting for my adhaar card to arrive ugh. Also I’ve to apply to colleges in a day or two. Plus I’m waiting for the wingword poetry result to come out tonight at 10pm. So, yep. Been preoccupied lately, marriages & stuff to attend as well.


      3. Okay so like I’m planning to apply at Christ and I’m totally freaked out but I feel that I really need to give it a shot. They offer ACCA along with BBA so yeah. The last option(and my backup) is Manipal (Jaipur) where they offer it with Bcom. So yep.

        Oh, what made you choose CA? Weren’t you from Science background?


  1. I have trouble sleeping occasionally when I’m overwhelmed. Let’s just say I’m not a fan of those nights. I hope you sleep well.
    And the poem needless to say is a masterpiece and relatable. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for your time & lovely feedback, it means a lot to me!
      Ah well, who doesn’t like a good night’s sleep? Unfortunately, sometimes circumstances begin to take control of our routine as well. (:


  2. Best remedy to sleep, shove your mobile, dump it somewhere. Actually it can be very detrimental insomnia is a major cause for diabetes etc, its a biological cycle where body is metabolically active, synthesizing harmones etc. All the problems are the outcomes of one’s deed, the harvest you cut is from the seeds you sow . You need to reboot your lifestyle. Go to bed at 11 no matter what and wake up at four.
    Read Ayatul kursi and the Last three chapters three times before sleeping, its serious do it like you are taking medicine.
    May you be guided ameen.

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    1. Thanks a lot for being a constant reminder of the straight path, I don’t know what I’d do without them! Like, honestly your presence is what truly completes the blogosphere for me. And as for sleeplessness, well I’m pretty sure I’m not an insomniac; it’s just the transition of moving from one country to another that’s keeping me awake at night. To add to that, I fell terribly sick after moving here. Alhamdulillah everything’s fine now. Oh & just in case you didn’t notice, I’ve been active on WP since yesterday. I did shove aside my phone for a really long time. (:

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      1. Oh, Delhi atmosphere is very polluted nowadays, smog you know , i mean i have been living in delhi for almost three years now, I am quite adapted but it’s gonna be lil difficult you know.
        You need to be a vigilante here really lol, whenever I spot a mosquito here I get on my sniping mode, one bite can transform anyone to be a probable dengue patient.
        Because there is so much of rush here being the capital city, there are lot of exchange of microbes, esp Delhi being the Centre for quality hospital and medical facilities, Top class surgeons and doctors here.
        Yeah i did notice your absence and your likes were missing too, 😁😁😁for myself too i give not more than half an hour to wp (trying to be more routined nowadays May Allah guide me please) , just to read my favourite ones. You being one obviously.
        For some reasons my blog is on private mode, if you want to read my posts you need to ask for an access and I will confirm God willing.

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      2. Oh I see!
        I’m glad I’m not in Delhi, there’s no way one can get avoid getting sick in Delhi’s pollution. We were there for only a day & I was already sick due to smoke & dust. When I got to Jaipur, I couldn’t help but devour rasmalai which led to food poisoning 😀 The problem was that we ordered it online.

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      3. Oh, That’s a good trade off for a rasmalai, i think you will just pass 😂.
        Well, I hope you are doing good now.
        And wish you all the best for your future endeavors. 👍👍👍. 😁😁

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    1. Thank you so much, means a lot coming from you! Judging from your recent write-ups, I can only say that you keep getting better every time I read your poetry. Your words never disappoint me, they’re always a treat to the reader’s heart & soul. 💜

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  3. I can empathise! And you are spot on, pain definitely is not the end. It’s rather the end of the tumultuous quiver inside our heads, a means for the body and soul towards serenity and calm. Sleeplessness, well happens to me all the time and I keep away from the phone. 😁

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    1. It’s a good thing that you keep away from the phone at night. Even I try to go back to sleep and in the end, my thoughts merge into sleep in no time. To this day, I still don’t know how to simply close my eyes & sleep. People who have the ability to control the flow of their thoughts at night are so lucky!😁

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      1. I agree. I could at one point just close my eyes and doze off and now, some night, I toss and turn, thinking, rethinking, questioning, trying hard to get the thoughts out of my mind but they keep accentuating!

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      2. They never seem to stop flowing and somewhere in the middle of all the introspection, sleep finds its way to me. Though I’m never aware of how it happens, all I know is that I’m awake next morning to the humdrum of life.

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  4. Firstly, fall sick.
    Secondly, think, think & think.
    Viola! You’re a night owl now.
    (You don’t have to follow the first step, the second one will suffice as well) 😁👍


    1. “If you’re going through a tough situation, remember that it’s more of an opportunity to redefine yourself rather than retiring with the belief that pain is the end. It’s only a beginning, all you’ve to do is choose your path.” (An excerpt from the above passage below the poem)

      I like to reflect on my past downfalls & share lessons that I’ve learnt along the way. Also I’ve a penchant for gothic literature & dark poetry, as is obvious.

      Being depressed, growing up or exploring the ‘much more to life’ aspect are all little bits & pieces of an element that holds utmost significance called, “self-growth” which I’m certain adds a lot more to life than anything else.

      I hope you understand that I’m not depressed, this is the only way I know & prefer to reflect upon life. I don’t write about joy, I live it. (:

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      1. well, i guess, you didn’t really read, as to what i wrote. it was, ‘your blog’.
        and all that you said is fine and on point.
        but well, growing up, are not bits and pieces. it alone has made all the difference. which you ofc, dont realize yet. but you’ll, as and when time comes.

        you don’t need to be sad, to grow yourself. you just need the will.

        and you being not depressed is fine. but you living your life, happily is something, i won’t really agree w. for i’ve read your words, since months now. the tone is more or less the same. and well, all these words, that you write, they talk to me. and so, you do feel upset. it is inside you. but maybe that’s just me, who well, read you wrong. and i’m not really wrong, when it comes to this. but if you say so. 🙂

        i just care for you. i dont like you sad. but like i said, if you say so.

        with love

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      2. Once I’ve written down my feelings, I am relieved & this blog happens to be that outlet of mine. And I find nothing wrong with sadness or pain or melancholy. It’s an indelible part of me. I won’t ever grow without it. That doesn’t mean I ignore other aspects of life. My words & life are definitely worlds apart, believe me when I say that not everything you read can provide an insight into the reader’s mind. Human beings are far more complex than that.

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  5. I hope you are able to sleep well now.
    Judging by the time, if you are in the same timezone as I am (right now), that didn’t happen.
    I guess the longest I had been sleepless was like 52 hours (I just realized this is just irrelevant information). Just pointing out that I am a hardcore insomniac. Can you believe I just returned from the coffee shop?(Irrelevant info#2)

    So, your post is ah-mazing. Brilliantly written.
    Like I said (am requesting), teach me, Sensei ?

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    1. Yeah, I binge movies all night & sleep all day. Half day, not the whole day. Parents won’t let me ugh. Um, I’m queen of irrelevant information so you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about 😂 Wow. I don’t know how people feel sleepy after having tea or coffee. I never do.

      I’ve just moved to India so yes, our times zones are alike.

      How do I teach someone who’s already a master at the craft? Tell me? 🙏

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      1. High Five.
        Netflix and chips are the reasons for that fat belly and newly forming dark circles. Haha, I totally understand your situation. I stay away from parents, thankfully. 😛
        Wait, isn’t coffee supposed to keep people up? I drink so much caffeine that if ever there is a blood donation camp, there will be one brown bag of coffee, believe me.

        Oh, welcome to India. I hope your stay until now has been pleasant. 🙂

        So, you are speaking to the person in the mirror. Understandable. So, you got the answer from the reflection? 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Totally. Night time is my time. Wait, did I say it makes them sleepy? 😂 I think I did. Nevermind. You know what I meant. Tea or coffee, nothing can take away my sleep. Sometimes, after exams I sleep for like 2 days. But yes, it’s hard to go back to sleep once I’m awake.

        Yeah, I’ve fallen sick couple times but attended marriages anyway 😁

        Please, stop. 😂 I was talking to you!

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      3. High Five, again. 🙂
        Yeah, you did. I don’t know how other people keep telling me how I am not sleeping at nights when they couldn’t stay after 10PM. I am like 10PM is like mid afternoon for me and how can I possibly sleep at that time. 2 days of sleep! I don’t remember the last time I had that long of a sleep.

        Oh, I guess that’s the weather change. Hope you are all well now. How were the marriages? Plural? How many did you attend?

        I see, you are still in front of the mirror. Shall I give you a little more time? 😛 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yeah, it was definitely the weather. Three, if I remember accurately. And they were good, so many people & relatives. All in all, it was fun!

        I just shattered the non-existent mirror. The shards of glass have dissolved in thin air. 😂✌

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      5. Oh, the weather gets to the most of us.
        Wow, three! That’s amazing. That was in the span of how many days/weeks? Glad that you had fun. 🙂

        Wait, you forgot the very existent mirror right next to you. 😛 And hey, it’s okay you can talk to yourself, I don’t mind at all, really. 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Yeah, specially at this time of the year.

        Yeah, they were spread over a span of two months. Like, we just got to our hometown and Bam, the wedding season had us all caught up this whole time until a week ago.

        I hate mirrors now.🙏

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      7. I haven’t planned anything productive yet. Will be applying to few colleges & then join coaching from next month. There might be a family trip or something next month, so yeah.

        I’m not! It’s the truth. 😂 But I’ve my laptop so I’ll use it once my phones dies…if I don’t fall asleep that is.

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