To The Stranger I Wish I had Never Known

Every time we talk
It’s like I’m pretending
I don’t even remember me
I’m just someone who’s perfect
For you

What does that make me?

I wanted to shave my head
I wanted to tear my clothes
And just run

Because I can’t sacrifice
I don’t want to be yours
I have never been owned
I never will be

I was stuck
But i was with you
And somehow that was
Supposed to bring me peace,
You were supposed to bring me peace.

But you never did.

You loved me a lot more
Than I deserved
You gave me a lot more
Than I could ever handle

I’m sorry now
Even though it won’t
Make much difference

You’re already imagining me
In someone else’s arms
While I’m seeing a happier
Version of you, of us

I’m still a self-centered prick,
You know?
I still think of us
Even after
About you
That I’ve
To live

(I’m also a liar, but you’ve always known that)



69 thoughts on “To The Stranger I Wish I had Never Known

      1. Don’t trust and expect nothing. I don’t even know how it works but i suppose that’s what I’ve been trying to do all my life. I honestly think that I’m incapable of changing myself for someone else. I can’t imagine committing myself to some other human being. It’s all impossible in my head.


      1. That’s real sweet of you!
        I will, you take care too. And yes, I’ll keep you in mind whenever I need someone to talk to. You can do the same. Sometimes, it’s easier to talk to strangers than people we’ve known for years because strangers know so less about us & hence that leaves no space for judgments (:

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