They said I was special
Too delicate to perch upon ordinary banks
My life was supposed at every stage
I was told to keep my mouth shut
Because they know better
I was told I had to be perfect
Lick honeycombs & sweeten your tongue
Let fresh flowers dazzle your strands
Stand up straight, but not too straight
Sit like a girl is supposed to
Oh the tiring regime
Has only just begun

I was taught lessons about ideal women
The ones who shun their dreams aside
Because family is what you live for
They said the chaste could never survive
Society has no place for those
Who go to work
And get back home after dark
They need to fear predators
Fear for their families honor amd stature
Fear is how an ideal woman can survive, safe and sound
All you need is a heart and flesh
Dreams will slowly fester your mind

I was told to keep my record clean
What will the world say if I’m impure?
I was told to keep my voice down
Bury that rising temper
Compromise till you die

They told me they only want what’s best for me,
If my choices will pave way for thorns and blood and chastity and dirt then so be it,
I only want what’s bad for me,
If that’s what it takes to stop being told the course of my destiny.


Painting by Henrietta Harris.

28 thoughts on “TOLD

  1. Volunteer or β€œVoluntold”? People feel that others must be programmed in order to keep them safe and to keep themselves relevant. Society has programmed themselves not to think as they are all told, it’s a chain. Beautifully and truthfully written.🌹

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  2. Nameera, this is stunning! I’m sure so many women can relate to your words, including me. May amazing souls like you continue to shed light on feminism and the harsh reality of current circumstances 🧑

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    1. Even though times are changing but there’s a lot that needs to accomplished before we attain equality. Moreover, it’s not about being equal to men in physical aspects but both genders deserve equality on the bases of respect, talent and intelligence.

      I’m so happy that you could relate. ❀

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    1. That’s exactly what I live by! Admittedly I’ve had to hear retorts because of that attitude but if we look closely, there’s always a shallow end to what ‘they’ say. At this point, I’ve grown to enjoy their remarks & laugh it off in their faces. πŸ˜€

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