Life- A Splash of Crimson

A splash of crimson,
The yellowed paper
Slowly withers as it
Crumbles between
Your fingers.

They say your touch is
That of destruction,
But how do you
Destroy something
That has already
Begun to die
For the umpteenth

A splash of crimson,
The ticking of time,
A splash of crimson,
Dead leaves come alive,
A splash of crimson,
As I sit all night,
Enslaved to a typewriter
Bleeding sonnets
In your name.

I was dead,
All it took to bring me
Back to life was your
Touch, so destructive
And rough.

Slowly but swiftly,
I drifted apart from an
Island of constant oblivion
And fell in your


Some things require insurmountable pain to overcome them. You don’t always have to look for happiness in the light, sometimes when the coming phase of your life is less dark than the one you went through, it will suffice.

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