The lilies you planted between my thighs,
Bring dreams so vivacious
That I can barely draw a
Line between sensation
And filth.

It’s disgusting how you reach
Out for my soul,
With both your hands holding
Down my ravenous spirit
Yet satiating my thirst
For a bloody mess.

My deranged senses,
Yearn for a closure to your
Dirty ways of planting
Grey lilies that have
Scarred my thighs
Leaving behind a
Lump of nausea
Forever gripping
My throat;
Oh how I wish it was your hands on my neck,
Tenderly drawing the curtains
So even moonlight wouldn’t
Pierce the darkness
That stretches across
Bodies and breathes
Between sheets.

But here I am,
With you making me numb,
Turning red and blue,
Bleeding purple hues;
It’s crazy how just the
Thought of you
Corrutps my
Very soul.


18 thoughts on “Corrupt

  1. 😰😰😰 It is like a dark deluge or pit, where the Light that once guided got occulted with the false one.
    It’s presented by you vividly with darkness of the frivolity, I must say.
    Wrote one in line with those thoughts , check it out if you want to.

    Liked by 3 people

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