In Time

You’ll lose a lot more,
Than you’ll ever
Want to.

Everything you were used to,
Will vanish in thin air
As change declares
War against

(It’s a kick in the butt ft. downfall)

But you stand tall,
Finding serenity
Despite the

How long can you stand tall?
Well, that depends on
Whether or not you’re
Ready to fall.

(If you don’t fall, you don’t change)

Time has seen it all,
It has engulfed many a great
Lives, including the statue
Of contempt, of a dream
To live for eternity
Carved upon the
Stone named

You’ll see in time,
True colors, true bonds;
Your strength above all
Which lies not in forever
But in small things,
Like minutes & seconds
That encompass
Crucial pages of
A book written
In your name.

(Words are timeless unlike statues)



    1. No one wants to. But I guess life has its own way of making itself evident. You know sometimes it’s like the end is never in sight & we consistently fall. Just fall.


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