Strange Collections

Stamps, do you collect them too?
I know most who do.

I had an uncle once,
His abundant wealth
Allowed him to delve
In a fiery passion
With which he
Collected antique

Everyone collects,
Something or the other
That lives as a remanent
All their life.

My collection left some
Bewildered beyond words,
Or they’d simply laugh
Telling me to put them
Back on when
I’m old.

(Put what back on?)

In a little blue box,
Rest my milk teeth
Unaware of transitions;
Ebbed in childhood

My mind travels back,
Unveiling years of change
And there I am on a chair
Six & a half years old
Sipping carrot juice,
When it moves
For the very
First time.

Gripping my heart with fear,
A few months later
It bids me adieu
Yet I don’t
Let it go.

All these years I’ve kept it,
And many others of its kind
In a little blue box
Labelled ‘Teeth’
Hiding my memories,
Childhood fears
And dreams.

No, I don’t have a grudge
Against the tooth fairy,
I’m just possessive
When it comes
To me.


10 thoughts on “Strange Collections

    1. Thank you!!
      God, I know right!? I collect art supplies too. 😌 Like, that’s the only stuff I spend money on when it’s my b’day or any day for that matter lol. 😁

      Liked by 1 person

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