Rape – An indelible blot upon society.

I feel agitated every time I watch the news. She’s disrespected in every possible way. Candles are lit once her eyes are devoid of light. In the spur of the moment the whole nation comes to know of her existence. I pray that this kind of fame befalls upon women no more.

After the deed is done myriad of posts are updated in the name of condolences & budding poets emerge. Words filled with sorrow & angst spread across cyberspace like a tsunami flooding the minds through heart-wrenching poetry.

As a writer I’ve done my bit too in order to erase chaos in my own way through words.

But times like these scare me. I can’t pin down the feeling that I’m not doing enough. No, it’s not my responsibility to save every woman from evil doers but it’s my worst nightmare. In times like these neither ink nor do candle marches suffice. While I sit here writing this under the cover of a peaceful night, darkness encompassing devious intentions engulf yet another life.

I can’t write about a prey falling victim to a ravenous predator over & over again. All the majestic names this country has bestowed upon her cease to exist as one word arises, ‘Rape’ – not just of her body but her soul, independence & spirit.

Give me hope to write & dignity to encapsulate my words. Rid me of my fear that lingers as names succeeding the phrase ‘#Justice For______” keep increasing day by day.

Before inks run out replacing blood, candles are distinguished for worse & dignity lost forever between hands that deign its worth, rekindle her stature by taking a just stand against immorality that has prevailed long enough.

Long enough.



  1. As a writer or poet obviously this is what we can do. But you know what most of the people get afraid or don’t rise their voice when they confront this type of situation in real world. This is what we need to work on. We should always be ready to fight against this evil in the real world. Not just this big issue like Rape but also against Eve teasing too, which is so common. Each and every girl in this world had been a victim of it. And that time there were plenty of people around her who just ignore this and let her be the victim. That shouldn’t be done. Even sometimes girls don’t support the other girl. They just witness the situation! This is what should be stopped. We have to have that guts to raise our voice in public not just out pen.

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    1. Yes, that’s exactly what was going through my mind when I wrote this. This isn’t just a post it is more of a rant to tell you the truth. It’s tiresome at times for me to even read, let alone write on these issues with no beacon of hope in sight.

      Thanks for reading & commenting!


  2. This is really heartfelt, there are lot of things I should want to say.
    action is more important that just saying.
    I have two sisters and this is really of grave concern, I am just short of words to express it.
    the news that roam about 15 years old kid molesting a women and it’s every nkw and then.
    I dunno why we stuck in the narrow glitzy walls. This rape like issues happen every 1/4, see some quints report.

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    1. I know right! Most of them aren’t even reported. The ones that make it to the headlines take forever to attain justice. There’s never a delay in blaming a woman for wearing inappropriate clothes, working late at night but there’s always delay in the punishment these criminals truly deserve. I wonder society has to say about those girl who’re barely teens & yet are victimised by these animals.


  3. I don’t have words enough to describe how similarly I feel about this.We need people like you in this world who openly talk about this.Thanks for this, I’m sure it made someone’s day.

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    1. Wow. I’m truly humbled by your kind words!

      Nothing elates me more than people like such as yourself, who take a stand against these crimes, be it through a simple write-up or a comment on such posts.

      Thanks for your precious time, I hope you’ve a nice day. 🙂

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  4. A very powerful write up. Rape is most heinous crime. In fact force of any kind drags a society back to a regress. I think awareness, education and compassion needs to be instilled, coupled with fast and apt justice to ensure we uproot this evil forever.

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    1. It’s indeed a heinous crime that is at its peak at the moment. The progessive leaps we take in various fields seem insensate as long as basic values of respect & dignity aren’t instilled in the society.

      Thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate it!

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    1. Yes, the society & the law-makers both lag behind implementating just actions against this crime.

      On the one hand countries boast of economic growth, technological advancements & creation of new business avenues yet they’ve failed terribly when it comes down to indicating basic humane values & ensuring safety of women.

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