My Umbrella

It was one fine morning until signs of downpour marked the vast expanse called sky. Mr. X decided to take his umbrella along with him. To tell you the truth it doesn’t really matter if it’s raining or not, Mr. X always carries his umbrella whenever he goes out into the world. Firstly, it keeps him from getting sun burnt & secondly, it obviously protects him from rain drops. That’s just the way he likes his life; protected & safe. Every time he sees someone passing by without an umbrella over his head, he rushes over to the person & starts telling him the benefits & uses of walking under an umbrella, particularly the one he carries; a red one. Now to the strangers dismay, he doesn’t bother to find out whether he asked for his opinion or not. What if the stranger just wants to enjoy a little drizzle?
One day Mr. X, the man with the red umbrella stumbles upon Mr. Y, the guy with the green one. Both of them start arguing furiously about how their choice of what prevents raindrops from making them sick is righteous compared to the other. Amidst their ferocious attempts to bring down one another, the sky darkens & black rain drops fall on the face of earth. Each drop caters to a black ocean that consists of tides arising every now and then as umbrellas of various colors strengthen it. But this black ocean shouldn’t surprise you, right?

The colorful umbrellas I’m talking about are various religions we are born into. Some people like Mr. X & Mr. Y make the process of co-existing a tiresome one. Advices are offered to those who don’t share their beliefs or follow different paths. The black ocean of hate is the result of not letting our differences subside.

My inspiration for this post comes from a blogger who decided to share some of his personal experiences in one of the posts. Make sure you check it out & the blog, of course.

Even most people from my religion are biased towards others. I wonder why we can never put that aside and coexist. Interested people will join themselves, what’s the need to convert?

If there’s a message to be spread, it’ll spread by itself as people are observant.

We’re all human.

Let’s start believing in ourselves first.


Bharath Upendra.



  1. AQUIB says:

    What if someone says all religions are one from same God. It’s the same. What if I say there is God it’s logical belief, since it’s a simple mathematics that zero plus is zero, so a nothing cannot pop up something, it has to be someone and uncreated if it’s more than one then it’s illogical since that will arise contradictions and chaos and if that Creator is created then there will be infinite creators.
    Inferencing things is a personal choice, and there is no compulsion, Mr A comes and tells about his own ideology and tells so and so things, all the ideologies with good intentions are always right in some ways or the another, but if it has some bad intentions then we are Clever enough to decipher the deceit.
    What’s right always remain right, and what’s wrong is blatant and always remained wrong be it yesterday or today.

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    1. Desai Aqsaa says:

      Well said!!😀

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      1. AQUIB says:

        Thanks aqsaa.

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    2. Nameera says:

      I agree with you. I wasn’t delving too deep into religious matters in this post. Yet the fact remains that whatever be my belief I don’t have the right to “tell” someone that they should follow the same too. Yes, I can give my viewpoint about how this religion has changed my life & has kept me on the right track. But in no way would I try to make someone feel down or ashamed of their choices. That’s a wrong approach to try & change a human being. The right way would be to tell them they’re right in following their beliefs but they should prolly consider hearing out what I’ve to say. I believe that a person would pay more attention if these intricate matters are approached this way. Mr. X is wrong in his methods & doesn’t know how to approach these complex issues. There’s nothing wrong in having propagating a particular faith but the methods one adopts should be fair & just, is all I’m saying. Thanks for the thought-provoking feedback & for reading, ofc! 🙂


      1. AQUIB says:

        Hey Nameera I mailed you. Please do check.

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      2. AQUIB says:


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      3. AQUIB says:

        Yeah i discern with you on this.

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  2. Kranti says:

    Mine too! I think God is one and all our prayers go to the same God!😊

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  3. Beautiful !! ❤️😇

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