I often wonder if crazy,
Happens only to few.
A reality so damn hazy,
And the aftermath; anew.

As long as the strings,
Of sanity are attached.
The thoughts that bring,
Darkness wouldn’t hatch.

Yet I constantly imagine,
Letting sanity slip away.
And giving in to a legion,
Of underlying craze; if I may.

I could create a door,
And set insanity free.
Satiate it forevermore,
What a beautiful, distorted reality it would be.



  1. I’d love for people to go crazy, that way when they get there I can show them around. They say normalcy is boring and that’s true, crazy is unique and unique is different and that’s what we thrive to be. A beautiful poem to think outside the box because in truth, there is no box. You’re crazy if you think there is one.🤪😜

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      1. Hahaha!!😁. Exactly, you think like I do lovely, that means you are crazy like me. Like I said, you’d have to be crazy to think there is a box!🤪. Some people think there is.

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