The Skeleton in my room

It was one of those days when I decided to let sleep get the better of me. Around that time I also started getting lucid nightmares but the night had passed peacefully & it was almost evening.
Suddenly I woke up, not physically but mentally. My mind was wide awake but I couldn’t move my body. I tried to open my eyes but the lids simply wouldn’t budge. I thought I knew what was coming next. Little did I realize that there was something else in store for me this time.

For quite some time I struggled to muster enough strength to open my eyes and in the end, my view was crystal clear. What followed next was the strangest occurrence of my life.

I lay motionless in my bed for about a nanosecond. You see, what was in front of me was mind-blowing. It stared at me with its burning hollow eyes.

The skull it had for a head was on fire & it wore a black cloak. Its bony hand was placed on my chest, restricting my movements.

What would have been your first thought on seeing something like that?

Well, the top three things on my mind were:

1. Can this be really happening? I mean, could it be that the Ghost Rider is really real? Wow, hey Nicholas Cage, Sup!?

2. Okay wait it could also be a dementor from Hogwarts.

3. No wait, what if he’s Malak-al-maut (Angel of Death) & he has finally come to take my soul?

When the third possibility hit my mind I began praying in my heart though I couldn’t move my lips.

I also made sure to notice my surroundings so that when this is over I can make out whether it was just a dream or something real.

The first thing I noticed was my purple curtains. There was faint sunlight pouring in my room filling it with orange light. I could even see the finer particles that appear due to Tyndall effect mostly near the window pane which was quite close to my bed.

It must have lingered for about 5 seconds or so and then there was a sudden sensation of someone letting go of my chest. I sat upright in bed with a clear picture of what just happened.

My room was almost orange & I could see Tyndall effect making itself evident near the window.

The very next night I saw the bony hand again while I was half-asleep. But after that everything stopped (I had had other experiences too, besides the one with the skull).

I don’t know if this was just a nightmare or a real incident but I was never afraid of these occurrences. Honestly speaking my courage comes from experiences of this sort, not on my own.

I always had(have) a hard time believing in ghost stories. Even the skull, apparition or whatever it was didn’t scare me as I would normally be, imagining about it.

I’d like to add the fact that I wasn’t depressed when these things started. I was around 14 & was having the time of my life. All this began out of the blue which ultimately led to my disturbed mental condition(particularly related to sleep). This in turn became the sole reason for my lucid nightmares.



  1. AQUIB says:

    It’s scary.

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    1. Nameera says:

      I know right.

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      1. AQUIB says:

        Yeah, I once had one such experience I am glad my marhoom dadi was there with me. May Allah grant her jannatul firdaus.
        It was I was subconsciously awake and some white apparition got inside my month and i sub consciously felt the feeling, it was wooly, cottony.
        And I remember my dadi taking that thing out from my mouth and throwing it away. Omg. I was so scared.
        I get scared scared not in a spooking way but more in a concerning way. If that makes sense. How do you say it.
        I have written a post too about it.
        The ghostly apparition let me link here.

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      2. Nameera says:

        Sure, link it. God, that sounds horrifying! Yes, this type of scary stuff isn’t exactly scary but it’s just something really really disturbing.


  2. The Realist says:

    “Suddenly I woke up, not physically but mentally. My mind was wide awake but I couldn’t move my body.” – This is a scientific phenomenon called sleep paralysis. I have been through it a lot of times.

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    1. Nameera says:

      Interesting. I used to have lucid nightmares as well, like I mentioned. It’s crazy a phenomenon in itself how the human brain can behave at times.


  3. Yasmin says:

    I have had such experiences many times.And as time passed I found life more scary than such stuff. It wasnt actually scary but it makes you lightheaded and nauseous 😏

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    1. Nameera says:

      Yes, I know right! Reality is way more haunting. (:

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  4. myplace3187 says:

    I have written a number of posts about ghost back in 2017. They are still on my blog. I love writing about ghosts good and bad types of them do exist. I had at least two ghosts in my house. They have settled down because my music soothes their souls as it does mine. True words check them out if you can !

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    1. Nameera says:

      Sure, I love reading such posts! I’ll make sure to check them out soon. (:

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      1. myplace3187 says:

        Thank you very much Nameera !! I look forward to your response !

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  5. Nameera says:

    It sure was!


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