I hear you’ve been saying,
That I’m never there for you.
I’m sorry for not staying,
Others were waiting too.

I hear you’ve been putting blame,
On me whenever you mess up.
But know that I’m in a race,
Against hours, seconds & minutes.

I see you undermining me,
And I give you chances incessantly.
But you never seem to believe,
That I won’t wait, I’ll leave.

I know you still don’t get it,
But soon enough you’ll realise.
When your days become unfit,
You’ll call me by my name- Time.


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      1. You have a blessed day. I published a poem yesterday Nameera, please do have a look in your leisure, hope you will like it. JazakAllah khair.


  1. Let me tell you one thing– your blog is so far the best I’ve come across (with no offence to anyone else). I read your poems and they take me to another world. I realise how different your perspective is, as I’ve seen your posts portray your mind perfectly. They’re so powerful and uplifting that I’m a fan of you! I read your posts about India-pakistan and being an Indian-muslim and I agree to every single thing you say: it’s like you’re speaking my mind without even knowing!
    God bless you. Keep up the work as I’ll need more to read.
    Love, Anchal. 💖💕💖💕

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    1. Words can’t express the gratitude I feel at this moment. I don’t think there’s anything else that could make me truly happy other than an amazing person like you appreciating my work. It’s overwhelming to know that we share similar mindsets! I just try to express my opinions as best as I can on issues that deserve attention. Thank you so so much for your time & lovely feedback, Anchal! 💞 🙂

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