Gasoline Addiction.

There are so many things to be addicted to- drugs, alcohol, cigarettes & people. But guess what my addiction is? Gasoline.

I find myself sniffing the smell at a gas station every time we stop there. There’s something about the smell that makes me happy to an extent that I don’t even want to leave.

I got curious today & decided to look it up. Now, everyone knows that smells can trigger memories in our minds. Similarly, the smell of gasoline reminds some people of a happier time like their childhood which elates them.

The smell of gasoline can make some people nostalgic for their childhood, says Dr. Alan Hirsch, a neurologist and psychiatrist with an expertise in smell and taste.

Is inhaling gasoline harmful? Yes, it is, that is if you place your nostrils directly into the vat of gas as it can induce euphoric feelings.

Considering the fact that Petroleum is made of Benzene & other hydrocarbons(found in glue, paint), Benzene exposure is likely to cause blood cancer.

But there’s nothing to worry about. You’re not going to end up with cancer every time you stop by a gas station unless you decide to get a sniff up close.

You can read more about it here.


  1. Intoxication is not permissible for a believer. Well i hope this is just limited to the purpose of this post. Have a blissful day.
    Well I had seen teens at my school, smoking or inhaling that;an intoxicant. And ended screwing up pretty badly. It’s like taking baby steps and in a jiffy finding themselves in the dungeon or bog of destruction.

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    1. Of course it is!! I’m not overly obsessed with it. It’s just something I enjoyed as a child. The term ‘Gasoline addiction’ is just an exaggeration for the sake of the post, nothing more than that. The only motive was to figure out the Science behind it & on realising it sparked an interest in me, I decided to write about the same (: But I do agree with you, these sure are baby steps towards things that are nearly impossible to give up.

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      1. Yeah, MashaAllah you have written in an intrigue way. Your pen is definitely ecstatic and euphoric for what you write, I was just reading your previous post. Keep it up. 🤗🤗🤗🤗, sehri time. Time is passing like a rocket, I cannot fathom this holy month has only 7-8 days left.

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      2. Thank you so much, you’re an amazing writer yourself! Ah yes, time has definitely been flying really, really fast. It feels like Ramadan just began yesterday but now only a few days are left for Eid.

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      3. Thanks for the kind gesture. Yep so true, the fact the accursed shaitaan well let lose is what is bothering me. 🙄🙄.
        It’s what Allah soad in 2:183 I’m glorious Quran that we should fast to attain Taqwa. So, I pray… that we should Carry the same Taqwa (that we harnessed in Ramadan through fasting) to the rest of the month and so that we may be in the ranks of Muttaqi. JazakAllah khair.

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  2. I lived 16 years in Saudi Arabia ( I was staying in Gubera, in Riyadh ) and I can exactly relate to your experience. Being a child I used to get these smells when me and my dad used to go fill gas in our car 😊. I felt like going to my childhood after reading your post Nameera 😇

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