An Exploration

What’s art? Is it colors that are splashed on a canvas, poems brimming with metaphors or a heart-warming prose?

For me art is an exploration. Over the years it has helped me on a personal & mental level. It has carried my emotions in ways no human could have. I’ve been able to explore my inner self as well as my surroundings. From observing people’s expressions to the nature that surrounds us, I think painting has compelled me to do it all. Writing has been my outlet, teaching me to be independent. Sometimes even mere observations prove to be a source of exploration.

Art isn’t necessarily confined within a canvas or a notebook filled with words. It’s an exploration of who we are & where we are.

So, what is your means of exploration? What’s art for you?



  1. Art is indeed an exploration!
    Your paints are put into good use!
    I wish I could paint better. But, I love sketching stuff. For me, art is something which soothes the mind, and also which brings everything back into order when they’re not, or terribly out of order. A stress buster, in short.

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    1. Yes, it’s a stress buster for sure! Thank you sm 😀 I used to sketch a lot too until I got the hang of painting.

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  2. My exploration depends on the kind of mess I’m in.😂

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    1. Haha yeah that helps too XD


  3. Artemisa007 says:

    So cool! Love the drawings!

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