The castle

Its anonymity hovers upon me in the dark night. Something inside me compells me to take a step further. As I lift my foot with only one thought on my mind, fallen bricks arrest my attention. They’ve a story to tell. No one has ever dared to set foot in their domain fearing their hideous appearance, withered at the edges as they turn to dust. My only wish upon the asteroid descending unto earth’s surface is to comprehend their tale that has survived through time.

The castle stands tall, its grey walls barely visible in the dark night. My heart speeds up as its enormity slowly dawns upon me. Turn back now, I hear silence speak to me in an ancient tongue.

The door rests upon hinges that have seen many souls come there way. Whether it’s curiosity or lost roads that brought them here, I’ll never know.

As my mind delves deeper into the pool of curiosity a soft rustling of dead leaves warn me voicelessly. My heart is racing faster than a galloping horse on a race track.

As I touch the door it feels cold ‘gainst my hands lined with trickling drops of sweat. I push the door with all my might. My eyes can barely wait to seek treasures of the past waiting to be discovered within these melancholic chambers. Yet the unending darkness inside tells me otherwise.

I had made up my mind to explore what lies beyond the human realm. But now I wasn’t so sure if I could go on. There wasn’t even a faint flicker of light to help me find a path.

The ancient walls closed in on me, suffocating me. An evil presence made itself evident. I was no longer in my curious pool for things beyond men, I had to turn back now.

You can’t turn back now.

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